Another survivor of Satanic ritual human sacrifice speaks out

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The reason I am asking for support is that author Judy Byington is being harassed for ghost-writing a book about a survivor of SRA.

The trolls are out – Jenny has been very heavily attacked. She was pleased to be scheduled on the Dr Phil show but was misled about the show’s content (and intent) – lies were told, traps were sprung and basically it was a hatchet job. The day after Dr Phil, 30 1 star reviews were posted on her Amazon page when actually, the book is excellent. The PDF is only $6.95 so there is no profiteering and any profits go to help SRA survivors (Jenny runs a trauma centre).

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Each time a survivor of Satanic ritual abuse (SRA) recovers and speaks out, he or she provides hope.

But the story of survivor Jenny Hill22 Faces, by Judy Byington, gives me hope that humanity can and will stop SRA.
Ritual Abuse usually involves repeated abuse over an extended period of time. The physical abuse is severe, sometimes including torture and witnessing human sacrifice. The sexual abuse is usually painful, humiliating, intended as a means of gaining dominance over the victim. The psychological abuse  involves  indoctrination and mind control techniques which give the victim a profound terror of the cult members …most victims are in a state of dissociation.”

Not all ritual abusers are Satanists though, and not all Satanists ritually abuse. According to this SRA survivor, there are two types:

1) Religious “Illuminati bloodline” Satanists who believe human (especially child) sacrifice brings power.

2) Sadistic pedophiles using Satanism for thrills. Sometimes attached to government projects, they are skilled at procuring children (Marc Dutroux, Jimmy Savile). This is why sadistic pedophiles so frequently escape justice: Type 2s are used to supply the powerful Type 1s. 


Jenny Hill, bloodline, survived SRA by both types of Satanist. Type 2 we will never understand but Type 1 are born into the Illuminati religion, practiced for millennia. From birth, cult children are ritualistically drugged and tortured until they reach adulthood. This causes a child’s personality to split; the child becomes easily controlled and, like Jenny, may develop multiple personalities.

According to survivor, Svali, higher level bloodline children are directed into influential positions. The cult has infiltrated governments, judiciaries, media and academia. But life in the cult can be unbearable; damaged sadists vie for power, to thrive means to hurt others. Many members have had enough and would like to leave the cult. More and more are taking this brave step.

22 Faces tells how ritual abuse proliferated across the US after Operation Paperclip’s Nazi scientists arrived in the 1940s.

Jewish turncoat “Dr Greenbaum” and others taught mind control techniques developed in the concentration camps to the CIA, US military and Satanic families. The CIA and US military then refined mind control techniques in projects such as MK Ultra, working also with Satanic families. It was the notorious Dr Greenbaum who prepared 6-year-old Jenny for sacrifice in a major ritual. But the little girl was delivered from the altar in an extraordinary turn of events.

At this point in the book, I had to email 22 Faces to ask whether the event was true. The reply came back that it was indeed true: Jenny had not revealed it to anybody until the book was actually being written for fear of not being believed. But I believe Jenny; I believe that such things are possible. And if I am right, humanity can count on some serious support as we clean up.

22 Faces describes horrific scenarios – such as a detailed description of a Satanic ritual sacrifice – but the focus of the book is healing, so good wins out.

As Jenny’s core personality is a devout Mormon, God is always around somewhere. The teenage Jenny, a high-achiever, faces challenges as her core personality switches into the sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll-addicted “alter” personalities formed during her abuse. The teenager finds – touching – solace amongst the outcasts of her town. Jenny struggles through her twenties; she has studied hard for qualifications and has children yet her relationships break down; she cannot build a stable life. But eventually she comes to enter therapy, face her past and memories…..and there is a great twist at the end of the tale.



22 Faces’ theme, SRA, is a practice so disturbing many refuse to accept it occurs. But more and more people are coming forward with evidence international Satanic networks is linked into drugs, child pornography and other brutal mafias.

1) In 1996, 300,000 Belgians marched to protest government cover-ups in the Dutroux affair, which involved SRA and multiple child murders.

2 ) In 1999, reams of witness testimony emerged to prove SRA was widespread in Australia.

3) In 2011, Netherlanders protested their government’s cover-up of senior politician Joris Demminks’ raping, torturing and murdering of boys.

4 ) In 2012 it was revealed that deceased UK celebrity Jimmy Savile, a close friend of the royal family, had abused hundreds of children, practised necrophilia (sex with dead bodies) and attended Satanic rituals. (

5) In 2013, so much evidence exists to implicate Pope Benedict and accomplices of SRA  that this November, Italian politicians will meet with US and European activists and survivors to discuss procedure.

But the Satanic crime families are adept at hiding – they have hidden in plain sight for centuries. Their controlled mainstream media uses the term “Satanic panic” to mock survivors and believers, whom they label paranoid crazies incapable of “critical thinking”. Evidence is rubbished and stories killed. 

Jenny Hill and Judy Byington are prime examples. When Jenny and Judy appeared on mainstream American TV to publicize 22 Faces, they were deceived, negatively depicted, misrepresented and lied about. Judy is still being harassed and considering legal action.

These hate campaigns are a sure sign that the Satanic crime families do not want 22 Faces out there. They are running scared.
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