Another JFK-related mystery: Why were the X’s removed?


The transformation of Dealey Plaza began in earnest Tuesday morning as heavy machinery clawed at the earth while crews assembled the tubular ribcages of a grandstand.
On Friday, politicians, VIPs and more than 500 reporters from around the globe will gather here to witness the 50th-anniversary commemoration of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.
It’s a dicey deal for the city, this event which aspires to honor Kennedy’s life and legacy without memorializing his murder.
Threading that needle proved controversial Monday as city workers removed two stretches of pavement marked with white X’s, the spots where Kennedy was shot and killed.
“To me, everything they’re doing is about tamping down what happened that day,” said Richard P. Sheridan, a self-described extremist and former Dallas City Council candidate.
“Tear it down and tone it down, that’s the city’s strategy.”
Sheridan wore a 2-foot-tall top hat decorated with an American flag and the words “Who killed JFK?”
City officials would not comment on the removal of the marks, which observers said have been painted on Elm Street for at least 30 years.
“We are laying asphalt to level out the streets and remove any trip hazards,” said City Hall spokesman Frank Librio. “With thousands visiting the area this week, we think it’s prudent.”
Cam Reed, a 46-year-old Dallas resident, scoffed at Librio’s explanation.
“You can’t trip on paint,” he said. “It’s clearly just a sad manipulation of the event.”

TAP – Their lies clearly still bother them.

Jackie Kennedy killed JFK.

Why did she push him away in the seconds before the fatal shot?
What’s that she puts down behind the shot President?
Why did she climb onto the trunk?
It’s all explained in this excellent website.

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  1. julie says:

    It’s always about the money. JFK signed Executive order 11110 to take back control of the dollar from the PRIVATE banking cabal, The Federal Reserve in June 1963 (nearly 50 years after it’s inception). Then then killed him. It’s obvious.

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