An American laments the poverty of free thought in his country

It’s different here with whistleblowers in the USA 

Taking to heart that the deepest slavery can be seen in one who thinks themselves free and does not see the chains of their keeper, the mental chains around most Americans minds (rah rah patriotism, the flag, the military, supporting ‘our troops’, constantly thanking the military men for their ‘service’, sports, show business distractions, and the fact the the mainstream media are owned by their god’s chosen people who have installed CIA gatekeepers) there are very few people who are even capable of thinking outside the box of government or establishment propaganda.
A few brave souls — Andrew Breitbart, Aaron Schwartz and Michael Hastings — have been assassinated outright, and the media immediately covered up their assassinations and pushed the “accidental death” theory.  This was especially difficult in the case of Hastings, whose Mercedes exploded throwing the entire drivetrain 180 feet in the opposite direction of the so-called “crash” which totally consumed the car and its occupant in a ball of flame.  Very much reminded me of the assassination of Jorge Haider in Austria, who supposedly was dead drunk and ran into a bridge abutment.
Pat Tillman was another who spoke out and was killed for it.
In the UK it was hushed up that The Spy in a suitcase, Gareth Williams was talking that he had broken message codes from Mossad agents in London back to Tel Aviv proving Israeli complicity in the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks and this was the reason for his brutal murder.
However, these are the exceptions.   Rather than direct killing and death (which very well may come soon), most of the control is exercised thru a combination of ridicule along with the herd mentality and the sick jockeying for social position within the Washington Press Corps.
Character asassination is top of the list and paying freinds to rubbish is also a high priority.
if you ever want to see the most sickening display of sycophantic fawning ass kissing, especially considering that the ass being kissed is only half white, skinny, bi-sexual, crack–smoking, an accessory to murder, and a lying, duplicitous jew unist agent of change ASShole, I would suggest you watch some so-called interviews of the The White House press whores (also known as presstitutues) interviewing the object of their servility — the know-it-all invincible Great Zero, Barack (Barry Soetoro) Hussein Obama.  If you have anything in your stomach, you will throw up.
All they ever do is ask the most insipid soft ball questions which have next to nothing to do with hard core reality.  These presstitutes are much more concerned with being perceived as being on a first-name basis with this communist cock-sucker than to dare challenge him or even call him out on one of his near limitless lies to the American people.
The press corps protect this walking empty suit from having to deal with the consequences of his acts, or his lies, by running cover stories which immediately go into play when the shit hits the fan, as it recently did when he was caught lying about ObamaCare.  Within days, cover stories appeared which poo-pooed the idea that millions of people will now lose their health care, their doctors, their insurance; that their rates, rather than go down, would now skyrocket.
They nearly all cover for this cancerous facade of a human being — and the few on the fringes who dare state the truth are continually marginalized by the Mainstream Press, or Hollywood.
Most Americans get their “news” from entertainment shows on television.  True!  You cannot begin to believe the level (if I may use that word) of ignorance and stupidity here, both of which are inculcated by an education system that caters to the lowest common denominator and has done so for the last 100 years.
But to answer your question, apart from the obvious murders I mentioned, the majority of the sheeple are easily controlled thru the media because they are too dumb and stupid to ask the most basic questions.   The think the rest of the world is simply an extension of America; they have no idea how peoples in other lands live.  It is the McDonaldsization of the mind — ground hamburger.  
I am one of the lucky few who learned to ask questions and think on my own; but I am in the definite minority here.
I am more than distressed that truthtellers are being pressured to put it mildly to silence the right to speak and communicate.   This is, however, the world we live in, and we must find a way to adapt to our environments and survive while doing what we can to awaken the deaf,  dumb and blind before they reach the gates of the slaughter house.
Best wishes to all mydear freinds in the UK as well as the USA
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  1. Anonymous says:

    This was a very good piece on whistleblowers, over here in the UK
    we have seen Maud Dib, chased from
    one home to another and even from county to county and now to another country.
    We saw the same with UFO fan Gary Mckinnon, with several others having to go underground, the talk is that domestic drone strikes may be used to silence USA whistleblowers, god forbid that that should come here

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sebastian Tombs;
    So sad and frustrating. I myself have many friends who consider themselves intelligent, and me as a bit of a nut. The belief that msm is all-knowing and informative is sometimes mindboggling. The Hitlerite maxim about the lie being big enough is as true today as it was when Machiavelli first coined the phrase. RIP Edge media, mainstream airing of Richplanet et al. They’re on to us being on to them, and they’re running scared enough to react.

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