A fun experiment to test the power of ‘mind over matter’

This experiment was first used in the 1920’s by Charles Baudouin of the Jean Jacques Rosseau Institute in France to demonstrate the power of thought to his students.
The Experiment

Take a white sheet of paper about 24 inches square Draw a circle as large as this paper will permit and then draw a horizontal line through the center of the circle. Mark the left end of the line “A,” and the right end of the line “B.” Now draw a vertical line through the circle. Mark the top of the line “C,” and the bottom of the line “D.” 

Take a lead pencil and attach a string about 8 inches long. At the end of the string, tie a small weight, about the size of a 5pence piece

Place the paper on a table, and hold the pencil above the paper, so that the pendulum will be just above the center of the paper, where the lines intersect. Now think of the line AB, but do not move; in a few minutes the pendulum will swing back and forth along the line AB. Now think of the line CD; the pendulum will stop swinging back and forth and will begin to swing up and down along line CD.

Now take your thought off the lines entirely and fix it upon the circle. As you think about the circle, move your eyes around the circle. The pendulum will begin moving in a circular motion!

You may think this is will power. It is nothing of the kind. In fact, if you *will* the pendulum to move, it will not budge; you must think of the result, not upon how it is accomplished.

Here is a link to a vid showing the Chinese using power of thought to cure cancer without medicine

The Master Key System by Charles Haanel is a good book for further understanding of how it works.

There are many other books and websites covering the quantum physics of the law of attraction and power of thought just google it.

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