‘70% of produce in US stores contains GMOs’ – expert. 18 million Americans made sick.

Genetically modified soy and corn could be responsible for intestinal disorders as many as 18 million Americans are suffering from. A new report by the Institute for Responsible Technology shows that GMO’s are linked to five health conditions that may either initiate or exacerbate gluten-related disorders. The findings were based on data from the US Department of Agriculture and records from the US Environmental Protection Agency. They suggested that regular consumption of genetically modified crops results in allergic reactions and intestinal damage, as well as bacterial imbalance in the human body. For more on this topic the Voice of Russia spoke with Jeffrey Smith, founding executive director of The Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT). Mr. Smith is also an American consumer activist, self-published author and politician, said to be “respected as a public educator on GMOs”.

What percentage of crops in the US are actually genetically modified today?
Well, there is only nine crops that are GMOs but they include some of the majors: soybeans 93 percent, corn 88 percent, cotton about 94 percent, canola which is more in Canada 90-95 percent. There is also sugar beets most of them, some alfalfa and some minor crops. But because soy and corn are in most processed foods, I would say about 70 percent of the grocery store options either contain GMOs or are from animals products, from animals that have been fed GMO feed.
What are the gravest consequences of consuming large amounts of GMO? These new studies seem to indicate that a lot of things that people thought were celiac disease, perhaps sensitivity to gluten are actually the result of eating GMOs. 
It turns out that gluten related disorders tend to have 5 specific symptoms that overlap with symptoms that we believe are related to consuming GMOs. One of the most serious is the intestinal permeability or holes in the walls of the intestine, we have two potential causes for that and these are the two main reasons they genetically engineer crops. 
The first is the corn products are engineered to produce toxic insecticide that breaks little holes in the walls of the stomach of the insects to kill them. It wasn’t suppose to effect human cells but it turns out it does and as it pokes holes in our digestive tract, it might allow undigested food particles, chemicals and bacteria to enter the blood stream which can cause inflammatory reactions and this actual leaky gut is also related to cancer, Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, autism, autoimmune diseases etc. 
The other case is that many of the GMOs, most of them in fact are engineered to be sprayed with roundup herbicide and not die. These are called roundup ready crops engineered with bacterial gene, roundup causes is the killer of gut bacteria, of the beneficial gut bacteria. It is an antibiotic, it can cause an overgrowth of the negative gut bacteria which in turn can also promote not only leaky gut but a whole host of other disorders and that too is related to gluten sensitivity, autism etc. We also have digestive impairment where there is damage to the intestinal walls directly as well as reduced digestive enzymes, hyper sensitivity or damage to the immune system. 
And if you look at the introduction of GMOs into our food supplies starting in 1996 and you track the incidents of diseases related to this two main toxins, the DDT toxin and the roundup, you can see a very tight correlation with all sorts of gastro intestinal disorders like inflammatory bowel, irritable bowel with immune system problems like allergies and asthma as well as other very serious problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity etc. And so we in the institute have been gathering the evidence to create this link and we have been working with experts, scientists and doctors around the world to demonstrate that the consumption of GMOs is not safe.
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