What’s behind the US Capitol shooting? Another attempt to arrest/impeach Obama?

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Latest news just a few minutes ago.


Looks like things are going to rough out there! It’s going to be mighty interesting to see what develops from this.
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Washington (CNN) — Police near the U.S. Capitol opened fire on Thursday on a car being chased by authorities from near the White House, hitting a woman driving the vehicle that also contained a child, an intelligence source told CNN.
The child appeared to be uninjured, according to the source and witnesses.
The chaotic scene, with gunfire erupting near the heart of the U.S. government, brought a swarm of emergency vehicles and caused Congress and surrounding offices to be temporarily locked down.
Police also closed Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House.
CNN’s Athena Jones, who was at a Senate office building near the Capitol, said she heard gunshots that sounded like fireworks.

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