What the hell is in the works?

Good Morning Tap, the problems have reappeared in the wake of me sending you articles last relating to the “obscenity” of another pay rise for the queen and a couple of articles on the recent spate of articles concerning sackings of top level generals in the U.S. and the strange case of “missing” nukes from their base.  
What the hell is in the works? 
TAP –  I received them, David, but didn’t publish as yet!  As regards the harassment, ‘they’ seem to target key contributors more than the blog itself, although they’ve disabled my top stories that are being suppressed by Google.  The list is frozen.  I suppose I should be suspicious of the contributors that get stuff through to the blog without any difficulty!  If there is control being exercised, they seem to let through commentary on current affairs more readily than background and deeper explanations, which start to expose the structure that operates behind the scenes.
The shills attack Wasp the whole time, whenever he points out the role of the Jesuits.
I still like Dr Stan Monteith’s description of the powerful groups that manipulate events from behind the scenes.  He lists them all, and says they are all equally guilty.  They are all Satanic and worshippers of Lucifer – in other words – in the power of Lucifer.  Wasp has started to write that he believes there is an off-planet influence above the Jesuits, who are above the Zionists.  All of us are aware of a battle going on between good and evil, with evil lurking in the shadows, unable to show its face, yet its works are manifest in the events we are witnessing.

Extracts from your contributions, David.  The firing of generals seems like a sensible preparation before launching martial law.  They only want the ones that will destroy their own country.

Jacques Cheminade, an independent presidential candidate running in the French election, said, “a part of the fortune of the Queen of England comes from drug trafficking.” The British queen owed her fortune to drug money laundered by “Jewish bankers in The City.”
Cheminade said on television LCP French National Assembly, “it is a series of trafficking in which, yes, there is trafficking drugs.”

Pentagon On Rampage: ANOTHER Top Nuke General Fired


Fired for misconduct in their personal lives? LOL.  Like that’s ever mattered.  There’s something more than meets the eye is going on here. Perhaps these top commanders don’t pass the litmus test of “will you fire on American citizens?”

Thanks David for sending these in, despite all the harassment you’re getting online.

I just found one more from David about Carlos Morales, a whistleblower coming out of the CPS.

He says – Don’t let your children be interviewed by social WORKERS WHO WILL TRY TO INTIMIDATE THEM.  Videotape the whole interview if they occur.  Don’t let them into your home.  They have no right to come in.  They will twist evidence against you.  Lots of good advice.

The whistleblower featured in this video from the (USA) CPS…child protection services now telling the truth about the situation “over there” & there are eerily striking similarities between what the govt. is doing in the USA and what is happening in UK in terms of children being kidnapped and placed in “care” only to be abused!   This program in place in both countries is just too similar to be coincidental and has to be part of a broader plan directed by and in collusion with the illuminati.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tap, I ask qustions of Wasp, I certainly dont attack him and neither am I a shill.

    I have spent most of my life researching WW2, and of course with that comes discovering the real reasons for many things which are happening today, and the smokescreens being put out to muddie the waters, such as the ‘Hitler was a Rothschild comment which I made yesterday questioning if this was true why was he sent out as cannon fodder in WW1 when history shows that those who make the bullets rarely get to use them.

    I dont doubt the role of Catholics, indeed all religions as control mechanisms of the wealthy. Its just that if you follow the money I cant see anyone higher above the zionists other than perhaps non earthly entities (if you are inclined to believe such things, I look at it as some negative power, whether its naturally occuring forces which they harness, a Biblical entity or something alien from another realm or dimension-maybe a mixture of all three?).

    I have never been given a true discussion in return, other than insults or being told to shut up, which to me gives me the answer I needed.

    So please dont tarr all those who question as being shills, history shows when people are stopped from discussing an event or story its usually because its truth doesnt stand up to inspection.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jack (Jew) Weinstein

    Israel now in control of US Nuclear Arsenal?



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