Weather War: Japan Under Attack

Weather Modification Tech Tested on Japan

  Chem-trails detected in attempt to restore typhoon.  
I have never written on Chem-trails or HAARP.  As VT has become, perhaps, the major player in global information we have begun applying higher standards than the MSM does.  However, we have solid information that this typhoon is NOT natural and that efforts are being made to use it against Japan.
We stuck our necks out on this, letting the public know about efforts to dissipate the storm using highly classified tech.  We are now seeing “pushback” from someone.  The map below outlines the attack, where Chem-trails have been laid and how they are helping re-form the storm:
Technology tested in the US over the last few years, a breakoff team from DARPA, will be testing its Tesla based technology on the typhoons currently threatening Japan.  At best, damage and landfall will be limited.
Hopes are that the storm can be broken up in under 48 hours.  We will see.
VT knows those involved.  We wish them luck.
Look for anomalous behavior of these storms that, over the next few hours, will be the subject of high energy experiments that had proven very successful on a smaller scale in the US.
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