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Hi Tap, I am reminded of the Beatles Recording of “Fool On The Hill” when I see a Statement like “The Federal Reserve Is Jewish”, It isn’t, & it never has been. It was set up by The Jesuits Fronted by PAPAL JEWS. This is a well known fact.

It is still controlled by the Jesuits, as is B.I.S.
I sent you information regarding The Fed. some time ago, It has been removed along with other links, I will try & Locate it again.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Dr. Oddy, If indeed you are of the appropriate medical designation then please consider “helping” the personnel/groups as mentioned hereunder as they are all way past their “sell-by” date in terms of usefulness to mankind and although I’m not qualified to offer a professional/medical opinion on their condition but nevertheless an opinion based on the natural laws of humanity stemming from logic and a very happy, caring upbringing which taught me many wonderful things not available in print or certification.

    As these people who claim to represent and provide a wondrous bounty for all of us across almost every facet of our lives but in reality cheat, lie, steal, send innocents to bleed and die in causes without any benefit or meaning for the rest of us but ultimately to expand their own finances and lifestyles and murder many innocents while sanctioning state sponsored terror against their own people as well as abroad. The same people who gleefully implement state sponsored kidnapping by the aptly named SS and many other such atrocities all for their own gain, i do think your offer of generous intervention should be taken up in order to cleanse ourselves and society as a whole by offering up the entire “royal” family, blair, brown, hague, jack straw (who did so much to protect pedophiles as his own brother was prosecuted as one) mandelson, cameron, clegg, etc etc. Physopaths all!!.
    There is not enough space or time to mention them all since we literally have legions of traitors and other such scum deep within the fabric of our society such as the hundreds of minions of common purpose, who are in traitorous breach of common law of 1689, masons and the like who collectively infest our society throughout and unless we can begin to purge ourselves of these carrion then we as a people, as a nation are doomed. I am convinced it’s now too late to even attempt to utilise common law courts as the whole system is corrupted & manipulated from within. I do believe the only option is not even passive resistance anymore but the next and most regrettable option….full and open revolution. I respectfully suggest you focus on those traitors, satanists and outright criminals in the vain hope you can help them to redeem themselves before the dual luxuries of time and choice are forcibly removed from them by “We the People” reiverdave

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Wasp, I am reminded of the Who Recording of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” when I see a Statement like “It was set up by The Jesuits Fronted by PAPAL JEWS.” The Federal Reserve WAS set up by the Jews. This is the well known fact .

    The Federal Reserve – Jewish Private Bankers

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes peoples comments can be offensive or hurtful & although I may well disagree with some people on many issues but, i still believe they have the right to say what they want and and i will help them defend that right & unless i’m allowed to listen or read what they say, how can i make an informed opinion or decision?

    Free speech is what defines us as free people and any kind of prohibition/censorship while beneficial in some ways also has a bigger downside. Once we embark on the road to constraints of writing and speech, we are on the road to delusion and ultimate betrayal by the ruling class…..we are already 3/4 of the way down that road and the ONLY safeguard we have is the freedom to say and write what we want although the vehicles for doing so are being steadily eroded which is why the establishment per-se are so afraid of the internet. reiverdave

  4. yes2truth says:

    @ anonymous

    Offence can only be taken, not given.

    E.g. This is why being charged with traffic “offences” is not lawful.

  5. julie says:

    I agree with the first comment “the most regrettable option is full and open revolution”. But the time is not right yet. Sadly, many more people will have suffer real hardships before there is a critical mass who would support revolution. It would be disastrous to attempt a revolution and fail … the powers would enforce a totalitarian state immediately … isn’t this what they are doing now, goading people towards civil unrest. Whatever happens “The revolution will not be televised” Watch the video. Rest in Peace Gil Scott Heron.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Hidden in plain sight springs to mind, why people are oblivious.
    The Bank of England was Nationalised in 1946, yet the British public were misled .
    The Bank is a Company because shares were issued.
    Of the 100 shares only 2 were issued to the British Government.
    The 98 shares were owned by, we are not allowed to know.
    These Elite Bankers have a lot to answer for, they know all the steps, to take over each Country one by one.

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