War of the worlds

Tonight is the 75th anniversary
of one of the most remarkable
events in modern history…

A radio broadcast convinced
otherwise sane people that
the US was being attacked
by monsters from Mars.

The media manipulators had
a field day studying this
one and figuring out to repeat

Note the similarities between
this true life story from the
1930s and the 9/11 myth.


– Brasscheck


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2 Responses to “War of the worlds”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Are there no decent beaches in America.
    We will fight them on the beaches in the UK if you cannot manage a few aliens.

  2. NPP says:

    Fascinating War of The Worlds doc. film… alongside it I found
    The Man Who Could Work Miracles 1936 film:
    I remember watching this 20-30 years ago on TV. In many ways so relevant today and interesting to think it was pre WWII.
    Unfortunately the very end is cut short, but otherwise, I recommend over Strictly Come Dancing.

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