US Navy’s largest destroyer ever built gets ready to set sail

TAP – Just one torpedo, or missile and $7 billion could go up the funnel, so to speak.

  • USS Zumwalt will have cost $7billion when finally completed 
  • Warship features deadly arsenal, radar and stealthy silhouette 
  • Fearsome ship can fire rocket-propelled warheads upto 100 miles
  • Engine produces 78 megawatts – enough to power 78,000 homes
  • Ship is designed to maintain US naval supremacy for decades
With its fearsome array of weapons, radar evading silhouette and $7billion price tag, this is one of America’s most deadly – and expensive – warships ever. 
USS Zumwalt – the largest destroyer ever made – is just days away from leaving the specially constructed dry docks and entering the water.

Equipped with guns capable of firing warheads 100 miles, stealth features, and engine able to generate enough power to run 78,000 homes, America is hoping it with guarantee its naval supremacy for decades to come.

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