The real Monica Lewinsky story

Bibi: ‘Where was Monica when I needed her’

London ‘Jewish Chronicle’ American correspondent and author, J.J. Goldberg, believes that Benjamin Netanyahu failed in his mission to stop Barack Obama from talking with ”moderate” Hassan Rouhani – because there was no Monica Lewinsky in the White House to blackmail Barack Obama.
In an article published in Jewish Daily Forward on October 4, 2013, Goldberg said that Netanyahu could not blackmail Barack Obama as he did to Bill Clinton using Monica Lewinsky sex scandal in January 1998. At that time Zionist prime minister Netanyahu was at loggerhead with Bill Clinton for stalling the handover of the West Bank to the Palestinian Authority (PA), a deal signed by prime minister Yitzhak Rabin in September 1995. Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by a fellow Zionist Jew for caving-in to American pressure.
Netanyahu’s plan was to spent September 30 at the White House, convincing Obama and his top aides of Rouhani’s duplicity, and the next day, October 1, appealing to the conscience of the world from the rostrum of the United Nations,” said Goldberg.
However the timing was not right. Obama administration was carrying a tug-of-war with Rupblicans and Tea Party lawmakers over the Shutdown which would affect US aid to Israel.
Between the government shutdown and launch of Obamacare, Bibi’s call to arms didn’t make the front pages,” wrote Goldberg.
Then Goldberg narrates what happened at the White House on January 21, 1998.
In the middle of meeting Clinton was informed by an aide that the Washington Post (an Israeli prpoaganda organ) was about to break the story of his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. The tone of the (Clinton-Netanyahu) conversation immediately changed. Pressure on Netanyahu abruptly vanished and he returned home a hero,” said Goldberg.
Israeli Mossad has world’s largest numbers of female sex spies, also known as Honeypot or Honeytrap. Israeli Rabbi Ari Schvat in his 2010 study claimed that using sex to extract information concerning the security of Israel is permitted in Jewish religion.
Former Mossad chief Meir Amit is quoted saying that “sex is a women’s weapon. Pillow talk is not a problem for her. But it takes a special kind of courage – to sleep with the enemy. And women in Kidon branch are trained for that“.
Bill Clinton’s “Confidential assistant”, Monica Samille Lewinsky is of Russian Jewish descent. Her father is Dr. Bernard Lewinsky and a divorced mother, American author Marcia Lewis. During her sexual relations with Bill Clinton, Evelyn Lieberman (Jewish) was White House Chief of Staff.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    One of the old intel whistleblowrs it could have been either T stokes or Chris Cooper said at the time
    that Lewinski was a mossad plant, what he called a “dangle” they danged this beautiful monica in front of him and she seduced clinton, and he was lost to the jews.
    The mistake was to try to tempt Obama with women, teenage boys have been smugged in through an underground tunnel, all the White house security joke about it,
    but they dont ned to blackmail obama they put him into ofice and if he defaults they have said they will kill him

  2. Anonymous says:

    In Politics nothing happens by chance.
    Do we really know anything about Monica.
    Are there any readers who know her, or knew her at the time of the Clinton farce.
    The MSM really got their moneys worth out of the distraction.
    Where is she now ??

  3. Anonymous says:

    Back with her Greenberg acting Family.

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