The real culprits behind the destruction of our freedoms

It’s Up To You To Decide, Go With The  “BRAIN DEAD” Or Lean About ALTERNATIVE HISTORY, all Of Which May Be Confirmed From Original Sources, & Documentation. You will never  see this stuff referred to by Main Stream Historians, or Archivists.
A case in Point was when I cited the case of  Americans Holding Fire Arms

I think that can be justified as Reliable Information, Don’t You?
With Reference, To The Pdf Link I Sent   some weeks ago.

Behind The Dictators: by  L. H. LEHMANN

A Factual Analysis of the Relationship of

Nazi-Fascism and Roman Catholicism

Whatever opinion the Catholic Church may now express about
Hitler and his Nazi-Socialism, it stands 100 per cent with him and
the other fascist dictators in this avowed objective of destroying the
political and social order that came out of the Reformation and
substituting therefor an integral, positive-Christian hierarchical
confederation of states, similar to that which existed before Protestantism
disrupted the authoritarian order of things in Central
Europe. Hitler laid it down in article 24 of his National Social
Party Program that “the Party as such starts from the standpoint
of a Positive Christianity.” This is specifically a Jesuit principle of
action, with the ultimate objective of inducing all Christian sects
to unite with the Catholic Church for a “Christian reform of states”
—the establishment of an hierarchical grouping of corporative
states entirely devoid of Jewish, Masonic and Protestant influence.
P 24
What the Catholic Church is hoping and working for as a result
of the present death struggle between the fascist and democratic
blocs is the re-establishment in Europe of the “Real State,” a rigid
hierarchical system wherein inferiors are subject to superiors. In
this system each individual, like a cell in a body, must humbly submit
to his fate and occupy his “natural place” which is allotted to
him from birth and have no desire to get away from it. This basis
of social structure is not only anti-Jewish, but also anti-Protestant.
It corresponds exactly to the system of the Jesuit Order itself as
founded by Ignatius Loyola, the essential point of which consists
in an hierarchical structure of ideas,
P 26
is a product of the Catholic Church. He has never
renounced the religious doctrines nor condemned the
political aims and aspirations of the Church into which he
was born and baptized.
It can easily be seen that the identity of Jesuit political thought
with the objectives of Nazi-Fascism makes it imperative to conceal
it from the American public.
P 35
Franz von Papen, a papal Knight and Hitler’s most successful henchman,
declared in Der Volkischer Beobachter of January 14, 1934: “The Third
Reich is the first power which not only recognizes, but which puts into
practice the high principles of the Papacy.”
If you want any more Proof Read it.
One Last Point Lets Put a Real Name To  TOM CLANCY, Shall We. 
I Told You About Who He Was In April 2011, Dr. Steve Pieczenik, no Ordinary Author.

The Original Disappeared from the blog, just like a lot of other stuff I have sent you Tap.
There is a lot of stuff that the blog search want access, for some reason, but it is available on the Deep Web.

I have a few Articles in the Pipe Line I will send, but I have been looking into stuff I am interested in not within the Scope of the Blog,  together with a lot of other stuff I have been working on.  I don;t, however, appear to have as much spare time this Year, as I did Last Year.

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4 Responses to “The real culprits behind the destruction of our freedoms”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello Henry, i am froma military family and have 2 relatives in the mid east as we speak.
    The war on Syria is NOT a civil war as claimed, and is run first by Israel the USA Britian and Saudi Arabia, the main goal is to give the land and resources to Israel.
    I cant follow the writers tinking in saying catholics are behind it ?
    the catholic church is nigh bankrupt from paying out compensation to sexualy abused kids, the old joke of the preist having the choir boys has been proved true.
    Reading other comments i think you can see that the constant attempts to bring in th catholic church are just nonsense, i hope i offend no one .

  2. M ks says:

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  3. yes2truth says:

    WASP like all one dimensional ‘Popery only dissos’ misses the point, just like Phelps at ‘Vatican Assassins’.

    The Cabal is a combination of The Canaanite Jews and The Vatican (VatiCAIN). The Vatican does NOT control money. The Canaanite Jews control money.

    The Vatican, to its credit was always anti-usury and has always hated The Jews due to their ability to make money far more efficiently than The Vatican could.

    The Vatican is now dependent upon The Jews in a love/hate relationship. Hence Vatican 2 and Jew infiltration of the Jesuits.

    Protestantism is just Judaism cloaked in Christianity, but like Rome they all worship the same pagan heathen trinity so are all linked. This makes the so called Protestant Catholic divide just a smoke screen and of course to divide and rule.

  4. Anonymous says:

    People worldwide are being exploited by their own leaders among the elite who have trapped, psychologically conditioned and imprisoned them in a psy-op or psychological operation. They consider the Goyim or Gentiles “human animals,” unaware that their elite have conditioned them to react like Pavlov’s dogs, unable to think independently or act intelligently on historical truth or Biblical Facts, and manipulate them by “peer pressure” to conform to a predetermined, programmed pattern of behaviour.

    The same criminals are conditioning the world by psy-ops like the Port Arthur Massacre, Waco Texas shootings, Oklahoma Bombing, the Locherbie Air disaster, “National Disaster Alarm” advertisements on Sydney radio and a whole raft of conspiracies. Believe it, or not.


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