Strange Military Aircraft Across America Being Reported

Beforeitsnews recently received the following notification from a concerned American who has been noticing some very strange military plane activity near their home and wanted to let us know about it. This is only the most recent report of strange military air activity that we have learned of as several more incidents are also outlined below with source links. Is this strange military air activity related to Chinese and Russian troops coming into America? Is this related to United Nations prep here? Has anyone else recently noticed strange military air activity or does anyone have any idea what all of this strange activity is all about? Videos also below.

“I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I have been here for over 23 yrs. I lived by Mayport Navy base for 10yrs. And after and since then I have always seen navy planes, ships etc…just bc we are a BIG Military base city, with 4 bases here! I now live in the country but close to our Jax airport….not unusual to see commercial jets and NOT unusual to see navy jets or hear them…they always run practice tactics and so forth. BUT lately and especially TODAY I have seen more Navy planes and UNIDENTIFIED military planes flying so low and so close together in time that I am truly wondering ?  We (my family) are what you would call “Preparers” and even have been accused of being extreme…lol…only bc we listen to the REAL News and we keep our eyes open and most important, we Listen and WATCH and we analyze and scrutinize “TRENDS” … I am writing 2 more fighter flights or unidentified planes are flying By!!” 

This message is only the most recent information that we have uncovered of strange military air activity in the last few weeks and months. Off The Grid News reported back in July: BREAKING: Strange Planes Landing At US Air Force Bases. They shared:

There have been multiple civilian sightings of strange planes landing at American Air Force bases, all carrying UN troops and/or having UN markings (or none). My husband, a Vietnam vet, has been back and forth to Overton-Brooks VA Medical Hospital three times a week this month. Barksdale Air Force Base, one of the most secure Strategic Air Command (SAC) bases in the nation, has had unusual C-130s or C-136s fly into Barksdale AFB and land at all hours. The interstate runs in front of the side and front of the base and is clearly visible with no restraints. (Barksdale is where President George W. Bush landed on 9/11, it is such a safe, secure, and well-guarded installation.) These flights have been reported by other citizens and several of the military men who work inside the base have reported that the UN troops are given US military clothing and name tags. When our servicemen question this, the soldiers are told they did NOT see what they just saw. Base operations refused to confirm or deny or discuss these sightings.

From Grey Area News we learned:

According to, strange things began happening following the closing of GSMNP (Great Smokey Mountain National Park) public roads. Beyond the barricades, residents began reporting loud booming and grinding noises. 

Several residents who traveled into the park on foot and by ATV were turned away by armed men. One person who walked through the woods to take photos of the Great Smoky Mountains “Masonic Monument” began feeling nauseous, and shortly after heard loud booming noises. No construction has been seen, despite the noise above and from under the ground.

In addition to a sensation of sickness, some residents have found odd residues on their property following an airplane fly-over. It is unknown what “crop dust” or defoliant would be used in these forest-and-residential areas. More than a few residents developed respiratory illnesses following the residue’s discovery.

Several residents and visitors to the park reported unexplained heavy equipment movements and aircraft fly-overs. The equipment included trailers hauling odd structures. The fly-overs included large military aircraft used for containers drops and “crop dusting” aircraft. These activities are near Balsam Mountain.

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