Storms on same holy day 26 years apart are a sign from God says Gordon

Hi Tap,
Earlier this year I informed you that Easter and the Jewish Passover were a month too early by God’s calender and around that same time I posted you an article relating to the 4 Blood Red Moons occurring on God’s feasts days, namely Passover and Tabernacles, 2014/15.
Had the feast of Tabernacles this year been kept at its appointed time it would have commenced from Monday 21st October to Sunday 27thOctober followed by The Last Great Day on 28th October which is also a holy day.
Twenty six years ago the Great Storm of 1987 was the worst storm in nearly 300 years and claimed 22 lives in just a three-hour period on the night of October 15 and early hours of October 16.
15/16th October,1987 was also The Last Great Day.

27/28th October 2013 by God’s calendar is also the feast of the Last Great Day and that hurricane Jude passed through England and Wales causing extensive damage.
Two occasions of a great storm falling on the same holy day twenty-six years apart begs the question is God trying to tell us something?
The book of Jude is the smallest book of the New Testament and is, in many ways, the most provocative with reference to Old Testament characters and events dating pre flood but in many ways a reflection of the state we have become, “as in the days of Noah” and is a short but immense warning to put our house in order or face the consequences of our actions. 
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TAP – was the storm in 2013 that bad?  
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Except now they can make the storms to order, with Chemtrails and Haarp.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The storm which we’ve just had was only the tail-end of a storm which came over from the Gulf of Mexico.
    In 1992, I had a holiday in America, and managed to time my trip in such a way as to arrive in New Orleans just a few hours before the famous hurricane Andrew hit the city. There was no traffic at all on the roads the next day, so it was impossible to travel anywhere. There were compulsory mass evacuations in Louisiana, Florida and Texas. 25,000 homes were destroyed.

    In the British storm, several people were admittedly killed, a few trains were cancelled, and the Daily Mail published the obligatory photos of a couple of trees which had been blown down, to prove that the winds were really quite strong.

    Even the most extreme weather which we have in this country is very tame stuff, compared to what people in other parts of the world experience on a regular basis.

  3. yes2truth says:

    @ Gordon

    Very interesting comment.

    Re the 22 deaths in 87.

    22 is the number for Jacob’s Trouble (Jacob being Israel and Israel is primarily Britain and The USA) and by my reckoning Jacob’s Trouble commenced in 2009.

    I also agree that 2015/16 will be a very significant years.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What storm? we had blue skies & bright sunshine all day here in East Anglia.

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