Stop killing people

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Terror Raids: US targets Al-Shabaab, Al-Qaeda leaders in Somalia, Libya

This is a typical Ryan Dawson interview. Calm and apparently informing with devastating comment. This guy is an example of the internet giving us a proper investigative journalist/thinker and the type of chap I would like to see on The People’s Voice. If he is misguided or giving inaccurate view point, so put him on the mainstream and let him be questioned. Certainly, he presents ideas I question, but still he is an interesting commentator.

His FaceBook political view: stop killing people

His YoıuTuıbe:

Well done Russia Today. Sure, Russia’s version of the BBC? Like PressTV is Iran’s tool? Better than having just the BBC.

Ned Pamphilon!/NedPamphilon
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  2. Anonymous says:

    Ryan Dawson is brilliant. The movie he made and updated ‘war by deception 2013’ is in my opinion the best docu there is concerning 9.11 NWO PNAC and the rest.

  3. Anonymous says:

    RT or Russia Today is produced in America.
    Most of the sketches are the product of actors, many from the Greenberg Family.
    I suspect it’s a Greenberg Company.

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