Space based threats are bullshit

Space based threats, including asteroids and aliens a load of B.S.

Posted by Jim Stone

I am calling bullshit on the entire Ison/asteroid scenario.

People need to be onto these things themselves, if there was a disaster coming there are too many independent astronomers out there with 16 inch reflector telescopes, which are actually cheap to make now, (click this link, you will be shocked at how cheap they are) and with tens of thousands of ultra high powered telescopes out there now in private hands, private astronomers would be ALL OVER THIS. The new reality is that the million dollar telescopes of 20 years ago can be had nowadays for less than the cost of a Harley.

The elite just can’t front this space threat fake. They will certainly try, even if it takes making owning a decent telescope more hazardous than owning a bullet bike and driving it like a nutcase. I have no doubt there will be plenty of dead amateur astronomers if the elite try to make a go of the space threat false flag.

They can easily fake convincing “asteroid impacts” with ICBM nukes

All it would take to make an icoming ICBM look like an end of the world asteroid is a little tungsten wool attached to the outside of it, to make a freakishly bright light show with an enormous tail coming in. And an incoming ICBM looks like a freakishly bright meteor anyway, it’s just a re-entering spacecraft which is always very bright. If this light show was followed by an ocean based detonation, with the ICBM exploding at a depth of a mile or so, that “meteor” could be used to create a tsunami similar to the Japan tsunami.

So why are tsunamis and meteors all the rage in the alternative press now, all the while there has not been a peep out of all the independent astronomers who now own enormous light buckets that make most university telescopes look like toys? Most universities settled for 10 and 12 inch scopes decades ago, 16 inchers are far more powerful than what is common even in upscale universities because mega powerful cheap telescopes are a new phenomenon that universities have not caught up with.
If independent astronomers had something to photograph, (and if this was real they would all zero in on this new “threat” and post pictures) there should be millions of photos from tens of thousands of sources on the web. Because this is a hoax, you cannot find such sources on the web, and if this hoax remains limited to even a few hundred sources (and to this date the one or two sources are ambiguous), it can only be bullshit.
You can’t hoax a guy with a 16 inch scope, get real, this would be NAILED 10,000X over if it was real.
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  1. Anonymous says:

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    Always was concerned with lack of labeling !!!!!!!


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  2. Anonymous says:

    The alien hoax? Yes, you have a point. Asteroids move very fast, are tiny and black, and it’s a big sky. Unlike aliens they do exist, and it would likely hit the earth with no warning.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been saying this for ages! Too many false EMP strikes reports coming from NASA over the past eighteen months concerning the sun when in fact the sun is unusually quiet. ISON is no different. Missing nukes is the trail!


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Jim Stone has not noticed the Sun is out of timing.
    In my estimation the Sun rose at 9am and set at 7pm, seems wrong.
    It is not in the correct place at 12.00 hours.
    Not being an expert, this is just by eye.

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