3 Responses to “Should this man suffering appalling injustice write to his MP – Ken Clarke, Bilderberger, and SMOM? Is there any point?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    please see help & advise

    B4 to late. !!!!!!!!



  2. Anonymous says:

    No IRNotNext.

    That’s because I don’t leave a load of old cars mouldering in an alley causing problems for my neighbours and ignore repeated attempts to get it sorted out.

  3. Anonymous says:

    wow was truly shocked to see these interesting cars had gone.

    my children told me about this hidden collection of nice autos.

    i even knocked on the door of the home next.

    A delightful chap even made me a cup of tea and gave my kids a soft drink.

    he was clearly taking all in hand and was sorting things out as most the autos had changed. but recently had had a heart attack putting his plans seriously behind.

    The drunks from the test match pub or town regularly use the lane to relieve themselves whilst doing the odd vandalism, smashing mirrors off etc even seen the odd needles (disturbing)the security light was a nice touch though as there is no street lighting here.

    he’s not a mass murderer or ? so a hobby that he was correcting due to lost storage.

    No cars were blocking any other folks garages as far as i could see. (only his own entrances) but the surface of this dirt track was extremely bumpy, my son said many Bikers felt it was a good track for jumps. i certainly would not drive my car down it as it is really rough and narrows to only a unkept walk path as you go down brambles etc would do your car some serious scratches.

    not too keen on the dog waste.

    just a local family & friendly opinion so sad.


    why a gutless nameless abuse above?

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