Russia issues arrest warrant for Soros

I don’t know this source and can’t say it looks highly authoritative.  A reader sent this in who has sent posts to us a very long time so I’ll put it up for others to make of it what they will.  WASP tells us that Putin was an Illuminati placing that turned against them.  Now he’s pushing out his anti-NWO agenda in another way.  How can any of us know what’s true and what is not true with such matters?  Yet the outcomes vitally concern all of us.

Russia will make The United States reflect upon what they allowed Rothschild to do to their own country. So when you see protests against Vladimir now, keep in mind it is probably staged by The Rothschild’s trying to control Russia once again.

Putin Issues Arrest Warrant for Financial Terrorist George Soros!!
Financial terrorist and Hungarian bank dick, Convicted Felon George Soros… Russian Intelligence has fingered Soros for using cross-collateralized compounded Swedish and Danish foreign currency derivatives for the purpose of an attack on the Russian stock market..
Soros’ use of these cross-collateralized compounded derivatives utilizing Luxembourg banks violates the terms of the Basil IIEuropean Unionbanking agreement.
The thing that should give pause to the Heads of State Western is like Putin did in freeing Russia from those who wanted to bring the total economic and social collapse and beat up in jail all those who have tried.
Are they influencing Lubawitschern Putin? The fact is that Putin is loyal to Russia and its people, and never allow anyone, even when he is in command in that nation, to sell out his country and into the clutches of the NWO lasciarela.
For this he ordered to issue an international arrest warrant against George Soros, who has been caught red-handed as he prepared to send financial aid to what is called opposition in Russia, which recently made the streets in dozens of thousands of people telling lies and misinformation-cheating during the elections.
Now Mr. Soros has little room to continue his dirty games with the speculation that has devastated the entire global financial system, in collaboration Rothschild / Rockefeller and other jackals.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I note today on RT news that Putin came tops of a pole on state leaders, well above Obama. And he was stated as more trust worthy.
    It must have hurt Obama !


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