Ronald Reagan was a Hollywood FBI informant and activist against free speech

 Reagan informed on people on scant evidence. He was on close terms with the FBI, and was in cahoots with J Edgar Hoover, and ensured the firing of Clark Kerr, one of the greatest educationalists in American history, who was opening up education to thousands of people from all backgrounds, and encouraging discussion of all ideas amongst his students.

The FBI gathered untrue allegations against Kerr, and Reagan was instrumental in ending his career. Anyone who challenged the status quo was investigated by the FBI. Most shocking was the breadth and depth of the FBI’s investigation and control over events at the University of California at Berkeley, using all the information-gathering techniques normally associated with the carrying on of warfare. Reagan was intimately involved in all of these events.

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6 Responses to “Ronald Reagan was a Hollywood FBI informant and activist against free speech”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Reagan wa sfirst and foremost a campaigner against the jew corruption of hollywod with its comunist associations, John Wayne was considered such a valuable insider and informer to the communist agenda, that he was excused military service in W W II
    to continue this, if the studios had known he would have been suicided
    BTW did anyone catch the Dr Patel
    radio interview last night ?
    i came in late when he was talking about russian jew mafia activity in the UK, prostitutes gambling dogfights and drugs
    which is worth millions each year
    please email me on
    with the first 10 minutes

  2. Anonymous says:

    i heard the Dr P[atel interview last night it was mainly about helping in third world countries,
    I gather some doctors volunteer to help in war zones,rather them than me… He said he had been attacked online by the shits recently, and that was about it, no big deal

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dr Patel said Obama was the first communist president, but what about Roosevelt ?
    so he was wrong here.
    thats just what he was a communist.
    Roosevelts wife Eleanor wrote several letters warning hitler, the letters came up for sale at auction some months back, and were then withdrawn for a private sale, i would really like to have seen them !!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Both real nrews sites CHRIS SPIVEY and ENGLAND BELONGS TO US
    have been hit by hate attacks, a phone caller said mossad agents working in the UK were behind it and there would be many more coming, from character assassination, attacks on their homes and families, and websites taken down.

  5. Chris Jones says:

    Reagan seemed to be switched on to the bigger Marxist picture according to this report although the lines are very blurred her…

  6. Chris Jones says:

    here even

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