‘Roman’ roads were actually built by the Celts

The myth of straight Roman roads has been exposed by a new book which claims the extraordinary engineering feats were the work of the Celts.

Fosse Way

Part of the Fosse Way in Gloucestershire, which a new book claims was built by the Celts, not the Romans Photo: ALAMY
7:47PM BST 09 Oct 2013
The findings of Graham Robb, a biographer and historian, bring into question two millennia of thinking about Iron Age Britain and Europe and the stereotyped image of Celts as barbarous, superstitious tribes.
In reality the Druids, the Celt’s scientific and spiritual leaders, were some of the most intellectually advanced thinkers of their age, it is said, who developed the straight roads in the 4th Century BC, hundreds of years before the Italian army marched across the continent.
“They had their own road system on which the Romans later based theirs,” Mr Robb said, adding that the roads were built in Britain from around the 1st Century BC.
“It has often been wondered how the Romans managed to build the Fosse Way, which goes from Exeter to Lincoln. They must have known what the finishing point would be, but they didn’t conquer that part of Britain until decades later. How did they manage to do that if they didn’t follow the Celtic road?”
Mr Robb, former fellow of Exeter College, Oxford, first came up with the theory when he planned to cycle the Via Heraklea, an ancient route that runs a thousand miles in a straight line from the tip of the Iberian Peninsula to the Alps, and realised that it was plotted along the solstice lines through several Celtic settlements.
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4 Responses to “‘Roman’ roads were actually built by the Celts”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Earth shattering!! reiverdave

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is why there has been a systematic genocide and erasing from history of the Celts.

    Celtic remains have been found all over the world. Recently found scrolls with Hebrewic script have been found to be closest to Welsh, Welsh language is one of the oldest known, it was spoken throughout the west of Britain, right up to Dumbarton Rock in Scotland. Cumbria=Cambria. Welsh was the spoken language of Glasgow up until the 13th century, William Wallace was said to come from a tribe of Scots known for Welsh speaking.

    Could it also explain why there has been such an attack on those with red hair?.

    For some reason those who have held power have felt threatened by the Celts, could it be that they are a lost tribe of Israel, and that those Khazars who have stolen the Jewish identity are aware of this?

    After all the Pharisees were controlling the Roman senate who in turn blackened the name of the Celts as being barbarians, just as they did the Philistines.

    To this day the racial slurs towards the Welsh continue on the zionist owned media, much to the pleasure of the English, usually the same ones who happily gave up their own towns to zionist organised Islamic expansionism, and came to Wales to settle, as ironic as that may seem 🙂

  3. Chris Jones says:

    The Britonnic Cymraeg/Welsh language is the true native tongue of the whole of Britain which is still spoken today in Wales. Whatever your creed,colour,religion or ethnicity, if you want to be truly anti globalist Zionist, start learning the true language of the land, Welsh, and get connected to the true spiritual and civilized roots of Britain which taught learning,civility, robust natural and spiritual knowledge, peace (but also military defence if needed) and the true brotherhood of global diversity and not robotic uniformity…

    The Celtic druids had to learn their knowledge for 20-30 years before they were allowed to advise- they were the height of humanistic civility against the barbarity of the invading Germanic and later Zionist peoples..

  4. yes2truth says:

    Yes The British peoples represent 5 of the Tribes of Israel.

    Ephraim = England
    Simeon = Scotland
    Levi = Wales and Cornwall
    Judah = Northern Ireland and parts of Scotland
    Dan = Ireland

    Liverpool or better Levite-pool is the real capital of Wales

    The Druids who had converted to The Way were the Levitical Priests butchered by the Romans in 46 AD

    Caesar came to Britain in 56 BC and went away. The Romans came back under the orders of the stuttering barbarian Claudius in 43 AD in order to stamp out the early churches.

    The first churches planted outside Jerusalem were in Britain in 37 AD.

    Christ lived in Britain from the age of 12 until He returned to Judea in 27 AD. That’s why the people of Nazareth didn’t know who He was.

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