RFID Microchips to be Embedded in Breast Implants

Technology backed by CEO who promoted implantable chips as replacement for credit cards
Paul Joseph Watson
October 18, 2013
A manufacturer of breast implants has announced that it will begin selling its products with an RFID microchip embedded in the implant, partnering with a company whose CEO previously tried to market the implantable microchip as a replacement for the credit card.
Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, with a staggering 300,000 women in America alone receiving breast implants every year.
Establishment Labs, a major breast, body and facial aesthetic company which has offices in both Europe and America, recently announced that it has teamed up with VeriTeQ to produce breast implants, “with a radio frequency identification tag built in, with the goal of providing information about the implant to a patient long after the device has been inserted into her body.”
“EL’s Motiva Implant Matrix Ergonomix™ with VeriTeQ’s Q Inside Safety Technology is the world’s first externally identifiable breast implant,”reports Yahoo Finance, adding that the microchip, which can be read via external scanners, has already been approved by the FDA.
A leading chain of plastic surgery clinics in the UK, which has asked to remain anonymous for now, intends to announce it will begin implanting patients with the technology next month.
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3 Responses to “RFID Microchips to be Embedded in Breast Implants”

  1. had to start somewhere, why not with the dumbest, most insecure.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Surely that means 2 unique codes?

    does that mean they double up then on everything?

    if your in the bar with a scanner you get to check her total low down DOB etc before you ? walk away!

    kills all the small talk once youve read the auto text.

    if its a smart RFID could even get a quality grade on her up to the minute DNA read out.

    i wonder what data will be broadcasted 24/7.

    Beats that made in Taiwan & barcode on the bum of barbie at the bar

    so sorry folks


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