Review of ‘September 11th – The New Pearl Harbor’

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Review of September 11—The New Pearl Harbor

By David Ray Griffin

There have been several good films and videos about 9/11. But the new film by award-winning film-maker Massimo Mazzucco is in a class by itself.

For those of us who have been working on 9/11 for a long time, this is the film we have been waiting for.

Whereas there are excellent films treating the falsity of particular parts of the official account, such as the Twin Towers or WTC 7, Mazzucco has given us a comprehensive documentary treatment of 9/11, dealing with virtually all of the issues.

There have, of course, been films that treated the fictional official story as true. And there are films that use fictional stories to portray people’s struggles after starting to suspect the official story to be false.

But there is no fiction in Mazzucco’s film – except in the sense that it clearly and relentlessly exposes every part of the official account as fictional.

Because of his intent at completeness, Mazzucco has given us a 5-hour film. It is so fascinating and fast-paced that many will want to watch it in one sitting. But this is not necessary, as the film, which fills 3 DVDs, consists of 7 parts, each of which is divided into many short chapters.

These 7 parts treat Air Defence, The Hijackers, The Airplanes, The Pentagon, Flight 93, The Twin Towers, and Building 7. In each part, after presenting facts that contradict the official story, Mazzucco deals with the claims of the debunkers (meaning those who try to debunk the evidence provided by the 9/11 research community).

The Introduction, reflecting the film’s title, deals with 12 uncanny parallels between Pearl Harbor and September 11.

The film can educate people who know nothing about 9/11 (beyond the official story), those with a moderate amount of knowledge about the various problems with the official story, and even by experts. (I myself learned many things.)

Mazzucco points out that his film covers 12 years of public debate about 9/11. People who have been promoting 9/11 truth for many of these years will see that their labors have been well-rewarded: There is now a high-quality, carefully-documented film that dramatically shows the official story about 9/11 to be a fabrication through and through.

This is truly the film we have been waiting for.

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Anonymous said…

Hi Tap, Splendid video and article.
What makes me wonder is why were the following Women in New York on that day.
Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Samantha Cameron, Miriam Clegg, Lynne Cheney, Sarha Fergusson, Heather Mills, Rebekah Brooks, Juliet Wheldon, and Lauren Harper.
Just asking ?
8:10 pm 

Anonymous said…

All Freemasons to a man.
8:26 pm 

Anonymous said…

One of the main figures in the truth movement is Christopher Bollyn. he has been attacked more than most for his sterling work on 9/11
Below he tells of how to spot disinfo merchants who lie and slander those who bring us the truth

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I saw mention of Christopher Bollyn
    in the previous comment, the attacks on him in particular have been vicoius in the extreme.
    Good news is that Richard D Hall is back on air.
    Here is the list of whistleblowers that you will be paid for helping to rubbish.
    CHRIS BOLLYN helped expose 9/11
    DAVID IRVING Acknowledged as the worlds best historian on W W II
    ROBERT GREEN Kept us in the loop on child abuse victims
    MAUD DIB Another investigator into 7/7
    MIKE JAMES suffered horrendous attacks for his truth work
    COLIN CARSWELL radio show was second to non has gone into hiding through threats
    CORBETT REPORT knocked off air
    MOSHE SOLOMONS knocked off air
    RICHARD D HALL taken off air
    PARADIGM SHIFT also taken off air
    LONDON TRUTH RADIO taken off air
    CHRIS SPIVEY constsntly attacked as anti semitic
    TREVOR STOKES attacked recently across the net
    NORTHERN TRUTHSEEKER another one attacked continually these past few weeks.
    Informers have told us that people are now being paid to attack these patriots, please give them your support

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