RabbiT apologises to Wasp

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Anonymous said…

I have been thinking about an earlier disagreement and have come to a conclusion that an apology is due from me, to Wasp, my having called him disinfo.

This is a secular site accepting diverse views on a common theme – the state and future of our planet.

While I am satisfied my understanding is correct and I care to ensure such is reasoned before sharing, it is for readers to make up their own minds not for contributors to make bold challenges (or allegations) against other contributors.

As contributors we should not directly oppose one another’s understanding but simply present our own understanding and allow readers to determine their own conclusion.

I realise my fellow contributor was upset by my comment and have given such thought.

I, being human, made an error to challenge a fellow contributor directly and therefore apologise to him.

An olive branch is therefore on offer to remedy any potential rift.

I have been observing the work of Peter Eyre on the subject and can see better where you (Wasp) may be coming from.

I hope my apology may be accepted. No one is perfect but I am trying to get there.


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Anonymous said…

Onelove… Rabbit x
9:42 pm

Anonymous said…

No you must be mistaken they’re all Jesuits.

As are:-

Miliband (s)
Ozzy Osborne

Do I need to keep listing? These are just off the top of my head after a few beers.

The western nations are occupied countries in reality.

10:15 pm

Anonymous said…

Adding to the list Peter Mandelson Ed Miliband the Queen and did I hear the other week that Parliament had appointed Jewish advisers?

Here’s an interesting account from 2010

Jews are 8 times over-represented in UK parliament
05/22/2010 Stuart Littlewood

‘Proportional Representation’ is a big buzz-word in the UK these days. It implies fairer voting and fairer government. It is claimed to give minorities a better chance of being heard and therefore, they say, it should be incorporated into the “new politics” our shiny new Coalition government has promised us.

But one minority group needs no help in that direction.

The Jewish Chronicle has published a list of Jewish MPs in Britain’s parliament. It names 24 – Conservatives 12, Labour 10 and Liberal Democrats 2.

I thought it was more. But let us for the sake of argument accept the JC’s figures.

The Jewish population in the UK is 280,000 or 0.46%. There are 650 seats in the House of Commons so, as a proportion, Jewish entitlement is only 3 seats.

With 24 seats they are 8 times over-represented. Which means, of course, that other groups must be under-represented, including Muslims.

The UK’s Muslim population is 2.4 million or 3.93%. Their proportional entitlement is 25 seats but they have only 8 – a serious shortfall. If Muslims were over-represented to the same extent as the Jews (i.e. 8 times) they’d have 200 seats.

All hell would break loose.

Yes sir, in the name of fairness there’s plenty of work here for proportional representation. Bring it on!

Read more: http://sabbah.biz/mt/archives/2010/05/22/jews-are-8-times-over-represented-in-uk-parliament/


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Anonymous said…

And Obama himself is Jewish. If you google “America’s First Jewish President,” you’ll find links to dozens of stories in Jewish publications “kvelling” (yiddish for boasting) about how Barack Obama was sponsored by Jews and is “one of us.”
Even his wife is Jewish! Do a search on Rosa Ellen Cohen, thats right “Cohen” or do a search on Michelle Cohen Obama. Then do a search on her Jewish Rabbi cousin, Capers Funye.
10:58 pm

wasp said…

Hi Tap I will send you my views on this Tomorrow, this is just in answer to RabbiT.

I read with interest your Comment RabbiT, & as you say we all have diverse views on most subjects, mine tend to be very Contraversial, & very often cause a great deal of disagreement, but it is not good if all possabilities are not considered is it?

I accept your apology unresevedly, & can assure you as stated, that I am not a Spreader of Disinformation. My interest is Pure Research into Real History. I have a Reasonable Scientific Background, & have studied Many aspects of History, & History of Science.

This gives me a different perspective when looking at most things, & so I don’t accept, statements that don’& t fit the Facts, which makes me very Sceptical of much of The Rubbish, our Elected Unrepresentatives, who go by the Name of Politicians try to “SPOON FEED US” with. I too was of the opinion many years ago, & had views similar to yours, but if you look at the Information Critically, & Review a lot of Past Events, it is only posible to come up with a similar view to mine.

I would say, however, that it will probably be necessary for you to come across a lot more Stuff before you are convinced by what I say, until such time we will agree to disagree amicably.

I am as stated a WASP, though my oulook is that of a THEIST, as all Earthly Bound Religions have been Infiltrated, & are Control Systems, The Jesuit/Vatican Being The Ultimate Controlers for The Illuminati. I could tell you more but you would believe me even less.


1:30 am

Anonymous said…

Illuminati Hollywood Full Disclosure by Hollywood Insiders



1:36 am

Anonymous said…

This is factually correct about the numbers of jews in our parliament, but it does not state the number of hidden jews, e g those who masquerade as christians,
this is another 12 maybe more.

Each synagogue must out up money for those jew want to go inti parliament and for this they can draw money from Rothschilds.

These people work against us and for this reason we should thank god for the whistleblowers who bring us the info

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16 Responses to “RabbiT apologises to Wasp”

  1. yes2truth says:

    Rabbit, or whatever his handle is, is wrong to apologise to WASP because until WASP includes the Canaanite Jews within his dissertations as being 50%, at least, of the World Power Cabal, he will remain a one dimensional Vatican-only disso.

    This refusal to include the Canaanite Jews also puts suspicions on WASP as a pro Zionist Jew shill in the order of Vatican Assassins.

  2. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, I note with interest the mutterings from (yes2truth), who continues with the worn out dialogue that I am a Distributor of Disinformation. It is up to this Individual to Prove that I am, it’s not for me to Prove I am not. From The Information That I have sent you in various Posts, this Character will have (his/her) work cut out trying to do so. I would say this Individual is without Equivocation, a Latent Disinformation Merchant, who has Slipped under the Radar.

    What Major Anti-Globalist Informational Posts, have been submitted by (Yes2truth), None I would Hasten to add that I am aware of.

    Perhaps I am mistaken, if this is the case, Prove it by sending in Active Links, or otherwise Shut Up, & Stop Wasting Time with your Misguided Babbling. You are just drawing attention to your Polarized Outlook, proving you have a lot more Reading to do.

    I would suggest you refer to many of the Pdf Links I have given, to improve your knowledge on a subject of which you appear to know very little, but seem to think you know a lot.



    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:


      everythings covert in this world, double sided, so things can hide in plain sight. Call me paranoid if you want. But this is how power structures operate. Such as the catholic church as an example

      It does seem, not only is it riddled with evil. Not only is it the mafia itself, with tendrils everywhere. Satan worship is going on too, and yes im talking about the Popes and top cardinals and bishops.

      Please note too the Bible , even though it may contain some valuable truths in it, good rules to live by. Has no doubt been heavily rewritten and rewritten, so the elites can keep the masses down, and controlled, and no ability to realise and tap into everyones paranormal gifts and abilities

      Organised religion seems a sophisticated psychological control operation on the masses.

      Jesus may actually have existed, and been a good man. There may have been many jesus types. Jesus might not have been born 2015 years ago either.

      Whats my point, what am I driving at? Why am I compelled to email to you now, on this topic, tonight?

      because the Mass , every Christian catholic Mass, of the wafer, and wine drinking. Is actually Satanic. The priest is at the altar, the sacrificial altar. it is symbolising a satanic sacrifice, where the childs blood is drunk, and flesh eaten etc etc

      The whole Mass, has been designed to harvest psychological energy from the congregation, not only to keep them in line, but to feed Satan and demonic entities as well

      Theres a lot of good I think too in Christianity, and I think good spirits and angels are indeed present during weddings, christenings, and maybe masses too. But the wine wafer thing at the altar, is satanic, mark my words. Ive read this

      Ive read the Baptism , crossing the forhead. Is actually a way to shut down the pineal gland, in the ceremony.

      Conversely, the freemasonic intitiation ceremonies when you reach a certain level. The Knights of Malta crew. Those in the Vatican and Tel Aviv and Washington DC and Paris and London. Activate the pineal gland and certain brain centres. I think this is whats going on, goodnight

      There are many heads to this Hydra. But Jesuits seem to be the main body of the animal. Zionist khazarian jews ( that may not even declare themselves as jews, they might say theyre Christian, or be bred into the Chinese. Communist revolutions of Russia and China, were Zionist moves. They wernt a result of good people rising up against oppressors. Illuminati hands were at work. Mao Tse Tung was a heavily controlled blackmailed, disturbed person)

      Even though Gordon Duff is discredited as disinfo, it cant be denied, some interesting convincing truth about khazarians has come out from VT

      Zionist Khazarians are a powerful head and neck of this hydra

      And as well, we need to get our heads round the fact. That ‘aliens’ , and ETs, are very much other dimensional presences coming to earth. Extradimensional aliens and Extraterrestrial aliens are the same thing. Theyre interchangeable. Nasas lied to us and handicapped us, in our ability to understand. There is no barrier, no contradiction, between Spiritual Entities, and aliens ETs/UFOs/Extradimensional aliens. Theyre the same

      Its the lies of organised religion, keeping all these things separate, compartmentalised, we need to throw out, and kick to the curb. Im not saying there isn’t one god, one creator, one source. Im sure there is.

      I think, the False Prophet revelations speaks about, is organised religion itself

  3. Tapestry says:

    As to how the higher orders stack up, the Jesuits are a part, maybe a key part. If the pinnacle of power is off plant, however, or off dimension, the human interface with that power source, needs putting into context. The discussion between Catholics, Jesuits and Jews could be a distraction, preventing people from thinking beyond known entities, to the hidden/covert.

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      For example Blairs a Rothschild. Nat Rothschild is Blairs half brother. Blairs a Rothschild Zionist agent. Look at the photos of tony and nat, theyre half brothers. However Blair declares himself a catholic, and went to see the Pope and did a masonic handshake to Ratzinger. Complex world we live in

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes Wasp bites back, he will tell you to STFU or call you an imbecile.

    Oh and the list of so called Jesuits that was put up by the person “after a few beers” was done in jest I would imagine, those named are certainly all tribespeople, and there are certainly more hiding in plain sight with indigenous sounding names. It became even more blurred when they interarried with the establishment gangster families at the turn of the 20th century.

    Sorry TAP, I respect your blog and enjoy reading its content, but the placing of this agent on a pedestal and protecting him/her from criticism just nullifies any sensible discussion, and that is virtually ALL positions of power in this country and outwith are held by tribesmen.

    For instance, one example of how they hide is Jason Donovans origins, good OZ right?..

    No he is from the Lyons family.

    Nothing but nothing in politics and the media is at it seems. Gentiles just dont get anywhere, talk about a glass ceiling.

    These characters are groomed from an early age and backed with money. its not that they have more talent than us, well maybe for deviousness, its just that its all sewn up.

    I would happily argue the origins of probably 80% of the movers and shakers in this country, and dont need to resort to insult if I cant answer the questions posed.

    With this absurdly high ammount of non gentiles in every avenue of control, does anyone really think that they would be taking instruction from anyone else (horned entities excepting 🙂 )

    That is not to say the Catholic church isnt completely rotten to the core, along with the CoE that has its shares in Wonga and armamants FFS.

  5. yes2truth says:

    The problem WASP has is that my ‘mutterings’ (his word not mine) are The Truth which he knows only too well – if he were honest.

    In the Christian world they call it the sin of ommission or the telling of half the truth and as the old Jewish proverb goes: “A half truth is a whole lie.”

    Anyone who denies The Canaanite Jew’s part in the control of world finance, the media and to a degree legal la la land has to be a dissembler.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Everything and everybody has an equal right to life and in that life we should expand our thoughts to embrace the thoughts and opinions of others. If we read or here something that is contrary to our mindset it is the duty of each of us to research, muse and ponder the reasons which conflict. We owe it to ourselves. So why swat WASP? Clearly, WASP upsets the minds of the status quo but it’s only in his/her quest for truth and as they say, truth hurts.
    Personally I happen to have a lot of respect for WASP and look forward to his opinions but then I have a very questioning mind taking all on board and leaving no stone unturned in my quest for truth.
    Unlike WASP in his academic education I on the other hand am self taught and in this respect it has probably been a bit more difficult for me but by and large I appreciate it that way because I learn more than the average so called learned who have been trained to accept the facts but not the truth. Learn to prove all things and study the truth. It’s not easy but it will set you free and make you the person you were meant to be. A free moral agent.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Wasp,

    Thanks for taking the olive branch. My contribution to this site has always been to unite individuals against evil. What is evil? Surely the harming of others for a start…

    I have been studying your perspective but am as yet to be convinced by such. I simply was wrong to upset you by making an accusation. I observed such and admitted my error. I think society would be a far better place if folk admitted making mistakes. Perhaps that is why I make them: To show one should admit to such?

    I have studied your position further and do not come to your conclusions but as such is based upon opinion, I was wrong to state your position as disinfo as such is as ever opinion being as we can never get to all the facts.

    I have been studying a Biblical perspective on these issues since 1981 and I can conclude the Vatican and the Banking system do conspire as they are doing yet I disagree with you, the bankers have the upper hand, not Rome though they do kowtow.

    You have come in for a bit of stick but I do encourage you to continue to express your thoughts and indeed provide a justification, if available.

    I trust you would wish me the same. That is what God given freedom and brotherly love is about.

    The Bible talks about providing for foreigners so that has to mean those who are not alike yet are fellow travellers in this life.

    I do however know loads of stuff I dare not share. One has to know one’s limits.

    Kind Regards


  8. Anonymous says:


  9. yes2truth says:

    @ Gordon

    When we know for sure that someone is being economical with The Truth, they have to be exposed for what they are.

    Mistakes are not the same as errors.

  10. @yes2truth

    I agree with you about the person who calls himself “WASP”. I have a very strong suspicion that he is not a WASP but a Jew and a Zionist shill.

    He wants us to believe he is a WASP may be it is his dream to be a WASP.

    He calls people who disagree with him “Brain Dead Morons” and that is the sort of language angry Zionist Jews often use on people they dislike.

    He appears to be getting too much tender care here while being obnoxious!

    It is too obvious that he in fact is a disinformation agent.

    Why is he being so boastful about his “education” and what is the degree he is having? Is he trying to tell rest of the crowd here that we should all listen to him because he is a “scholarly” person?

    Education has nothing to do with common sense and being a reasonable human being. Having a degree doesn’t mean the person has wisdom.

    There are so many people who are educated who visit this blog. Why does he think he is so special?

    This person is an ego centric maniac!

  11. Zion Wages War on Argentina

    For many years, Argentina has been under direct attack from the combined forces of global Zionist organizations and lobbies, Israel, the US and the UK, centered on the two deadly terror attacks perpetrated on Argentine soil against the Israeli Embassy and the AMIA/DAIA Jewish Mutual Center buildings located in downtown Buenos Aires.

    Global Zionism exerted enormous pressure on successive Argentine governments to ensure the country falsely accuses Iran of masterminding these two attacks using Hezbollah and Hamas as proxies.

    The mysterious suicide/assassination of Public Prosecutor Alberto Nisman last January, however, is fast unmasking the Truth: that both attacks were probably Israeli false flag operations.


  12. Calif. Rep seeking open carry gun ban just returned from Israeli political trip
    By Martin Hill


  13. Jesuits are attacking Gaza!

    Huge BLAST at Gaza Port right now. Israeli navy attacking Gaza by sea.


  14. Jesuits are on it again!

    Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED! Adam Gadahn & Yousef al-Khattab


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