Putin has the sense to be using doubles for the coming Olympics

Putin’s Double Found Running With Olympic Flame

by  on Sunday, October 13, 2013
On the day of the Olympic torch’s relay through Tver, Vladimir Putin‘s double was found. He ran through the town with the lit torch.

According to information from the Tverigrad.ru site, the man is called Leonid Lokhov. He is an honoured sportsman in Russia in powerlifting, a multiple world and European champion for powerlifting. Mr Lokhov is now retired. You can see for yourself whether he looks like the head of state.

During the relay, he picked up the baton at DK Khimvolokno. The pensioner ran with the number 069. “I never dreamt that I would take part in such a grandiose action. Now, of course, I’ve got the jitters”, Leonid Lokov shared his concerns before the start.

We remember that the Olympic torch relay began on Friday in Torzhok, and then moved directly to the administrative centre of the Tver Oblast. The celebration of the arrival of the Olympic torch in Tver took place on the square in front of the Yubileyniy sports complex.

Comments from Ridus.ru:

What if Putin‘s double IS Putin? O-O

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