Paedophilia is rape – not an orientation

The irrefutable reason that paedophillia CANNOT be classified as a sexual orientation is the simple fact that their attractions are not reciprocated by their targeted victims. There is a well justified cause for the age of consent and that is to protect children who are not capable of making the informed choice to engage in consensual sexual activity. This makes what paedophiles do RAPE. That is why it can never be justifiably described as an orientation. Bottom line is that it is an abuse. If paedophilia is an orientation then so is rape of an adult and murderous sexual sadism. This argument makes the likes of Fred and Rosemary west, Peter Sutcliffe, Ian huntley, Mark Bridger and many many more nothing short of victims of a terrible miscarriage of justice. How does that sit with you Joe? 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I would assume that with a child its is more than simple petting so this physical invasion has got to be savage a real assault damaging & totally disturbing to the poor child/baby. any normal family parents would be horrified that this could happen to any child & totally besides themselves if their child was invaded that way.

    Sick is a understatement.

    These folk must be predatory & need culling.


    As they clearly are not human or concerned about the human race.

    in the states i would perceive thats exactly why you could bear arms YES its what you gun is for Child invaded, take aim, FIRE. a quick death is too generous & kind.


    ( Any normal mother would be totally horrified to perceive there were eyes on here new child leaving damage you could never repair !!!!! )

  2. Anonymous says:

    The government has been under pressure to relax and even change the law, the new ruling of
    “minor orientated sexually”replaces the crime of pedophilia, alas the gay loby is a very powerful ones with support from Oppenheimers Rothschild and financial backing from
    Its no coincidnce that these people protected Jimmy saville and others through AIPAC.

    But be careful if you speak out publicy as you wil be attacked as a hater homophobic etc as i was

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is existing ..and PIE brought this all about ..they went in to gay rights ..nothing to do with Gay rights !!!!it a cover ..than they say woo it a gay witch hunt.. Real gay people only go with Consenting. People not kids..These people Are pedophiles They R Not Gay….

  4. Anonymous says:

    What is a real gay ? studies have shown in NAMBLA that very few homosexuals are not promiscous and attracted to young fresh victims

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