Overcoming our false history


Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2013

Overcoming our false history

The essential step to restoring sanity to the world


By John Kaminski

If it seems everyone has suddenly gone mad, it is because they have, which is something I predicted decades ago, but which gives me no satisfaction now.

They’ve been lying to you for one hundred years (actually much longer). How stupid do you have to be to think they’re telling you the truth now. The system your parents believed in has morphed into an insane super weapon that aims to take your possessions and your life.

And who is in control of it? Well, we already know that. The labels we apply to them are all different parts of the same elephant trampling everything that gets in its way.

World War I started with fake provocations and a promise to the Jews that they could set up their outlaw hideout in Palestine. World War II was engineered against a country that only wanted to escape the clutches of Jew bankers and live moral lives.

The lie of 9/11 enabled the hoax that terrorists in a cave were reasons to bomb Afghanistan, and weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist were reasons to turn Iraq into a perpetual slaughterhouse, a cash cow for the development of exotic new weapons and new techniques for methods of oppression.

What are the real reasons for the continuing drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen, or the savage attacks that killed so many innocents in Libya and Syria? Because our fearless leader said their leaders were abusive demagogues, even though the people who actually lived in those countries were quite happy with them. 

Self-justifying history written by the victors at the expense of objective truth not only poisons the present with self-deceptive rationalizations, but guarantees an ominous future of unrelenting darkness based on endless repetitions of these self-serving lies. 

It’s the fear factor, getting us to timidly trade our freedom for security from evil events that they themselves have created.

We see all this now in vivid color, with the hollow point bullets, the unending theft of trillions by Jew bankers, and the deliberately sabotaged environment. Obama’s campaign call of “Change!” really meant “Death!” to all who opposed this clandestine Jewish takeover of the world, and that’s what we’re seeing now. It’s open season on everyone who has not taken the bribe.

It seems to me the first step every American must take if we hope to stop this unending string of false flag terror episodes and slaughters of essentially defenseless countries is to honestly admit and thoroughly analyze our own unwillingness to confront our own false history.

But people recoil in horror and fear of what their neighbors will think when you try to tell them. 

Hitler was a noble soul who was destroyed by the same Jew bankers who are destroying us now. McCarthy tried to warn us about the cancer on our government, but the Jew media ridiculed him and the gullible public went along with it.

The Kennedys were killed by lone gunmen, they said, and the public went along with it. AIDS was a disease of homosexuals, they said, and lots of people died, not from AIDS, but by taking the poison drugs they said would cure a disease that never really existed.

Yet despite all the evidence, we have been utterly duped in all these matters into accepting the phony media version of reality. The Frankfurt School has taught us that our families are evil, that homosexuality is the true liberation, and the only deaths that really count are the Jews who were killed in a Holocaust that never happened.

We continue to be intimidated into believing that we can invent our way out of our problems without recognizing the false and self-destructive assumptions that not only threaten the lives of every living thing on Earth, but hasten our own demise as well.

On our bitter course to gamble everything for one more day of life, we are spellbound in our quest for high-tech techniques that take our mind off the problem, and believe by any means possible that we can cheat our fate and improve nature, when nature is perfect to begin with. In this way the diligent scientists create our robotic future, in which the concepts of duty and sacrifice for those we love will no longer exist. 

Each aspect of every problem we face is worsened by this attitude. There is no appeal to the legal system because it is utterly corrupt, no petitioning of Congress because they’re all bought off, and no sympathy from the cops because they’re not paid to protect the people, they’re only paid to protect the bankers’ property and beat the living feces out of anybody who doesn’t like the idea.

Our false history becomes our false present and foreshadows a false future which is no future at all. When the food runs out, the killing will begin, and you will have no neighbors, only enemies trying to take what you have.

That’s the way they want it, so the cops will have to step in, in the name of the security they have tried so hard for so long to sabotage.

We are unwilling to admit that the entire human species is being held captive by a mindset that makes each of us believe that each of our own individual futures hinges on our ability to corral as much money as possible in order to continue to suck our sustenance out of the existing structure of reality, even as that structure is collapsing right before our eyes. What will we do when have enough money, but all the stores are closed because the products they sell do not relate to the maintenance of life, but are only the specific promotions of the ability to inflict death?

The answer is all too clear now. We will die a nasty death. And sooner than we think.

We must admit that our history is false, and our present is run by homicidal liars who have no concern about the welfare of ordinary people anywhere.

We may observe this most clearly in the fundamental basis of the American economy, which for more than a century has been the sale of weaponry, a social course that has been perverted into providing support for war making efforts even as it has twisted all academic research from the pursuit of human comfort into the perverted drive for human dominance, both for essential resources and in the way people actually think.

The idea that individuals cannot survive without family, friends and community has been erased from our thinking. When society consists of only egoic consumers, it is inevitable that it will consume itself.

The endless pursuit of competitive advantage has created a world political situation in which when there are no more enemies to be conquered. Within the confines of this philosophy, when there are no more enemies, everyone becomes an enemy.

And when all the nations of the world have been brought under the heal of a soulless central bank, the war machine, because of its exclusive training for dominance, will have no recourse but to turn on itself, which is why the U.S. government is now making war on its own people, now that it has basically run out of enemies to conquer (except the patsy victim defenseless countries that we currently are torturing after turning these relatively harmless fiefdoms into exaggerated enemies to convince ourselves we must destroy them, or face destruction ourselves). 

What a bad joke on everyone it all is

To see this is to see how small and useless as people we have become, and how meaningless our society has become.

Of course, the first step in overcoming all this is to see how we have been brainwashed by our own false history, duped into becoming killer slaves to disingenuous yet homicidal public relations ploys.

I think it’s becoming pretty clear that if we attempt to live the 21st century in the way we have lived the 20th, we will destroy ourselves. I think environmental indicators overwhelmingly show this to be true, given the deaths of 200 species per day and difficulties everyone is facing now in finding healthy food to eat, or even trying to breathe.

The recent and continuing debacle in Syria provides interesting insight into how wars are made and how the American economy is sustained by their production. It is also an instructive template of the formula for all the wars of the 20th century.

Basically, the formula requires a false flag assertion as a cover story for the item that is the target of a future theft. Syria has water that the aggressor covets. Plus, it also lies in the path of a proposed oil pipeline that the aggressor wants to build. Thus, local difficulties in the population are exaggerated, terrorists for hire known as mercenaries are stealthily inserted, and des
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7 Responses to “Overcoming our false history”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! One of the best and most accurate articles I have read in a long time. The most frustrating thing is that it is very difficult to find others who understand what is going on, much less who want to talk about it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    nah nah you have it all wrong, its them Jesuits 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    this article is 100% accurite!!!
    it has always bee the zionist segment of the jews. so NO jew can be trusted PERIOD! as this article says they are psycopathic MURDERERS
    and care NOT for human life.
    they will LIE, CHEAT, STEAL and KILL any NONE jew! they can NOT be trusted at all.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The late psychiatrist Joyce Mcdougal at the world famous Maudelsy psychiatric hospital
    claimed ina long tratise than an unanethatised circumcision ona small child would incur such incredible pain in the sensitive area of a vulnerable child.
    That psychopathy would reselu.
    and it is true that jews have a phoneminal number of psychopaths

  5. NPP says:

    “We must admit that our history is false, and our present is run by homicidal liars who have no concern about the welfare of ordinary people anywhere.”

    100% accurate? Few things if any are, but some lovely ideas for investigaiton.
    What is a Jew? What is a Brit? What is the definition of any label for a human being? Mere language divides and rules – bring back telepathy!

    Still important and not addressed in schools or thereafter: who are we and what are we?

    Right now on the BBC a political commentator is slagging the appointment of the MP who wrote a book questioning the death of David Kelly. The commentator recommends David Arronovitch conspiracy theopry debunker to us all! Ha ha ha ha funny…. I wish you could hear this twerp talking right now.

  6. Road_Hog says:

    Here’s a tip.Don’t watch the BBC and don’t pay the TV tax, it’ll make your blood pressure much lower and you won’t be financing the propaganda machine.

    It’s over 5 years since I stop[ped paying the TV tax and I’m £750 better offfor it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ex Mossad operative Moishe Solomons
    has said several times David Aaronavitch is mossad,
    yes hes a stinking jew toerag, as is Melanioe Philips thats why many people stopped buying that paper, in fact we dont buy any any more

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