Obamacare like USAID is an exercise in depopulation

Obamacare and the medical destruction of human life

by Jon Rappoport

October 5, 2013


In yesterday’s article about Obamacare, I pointed out a simple fact:

If you have a system that is already killing a huge number of people, and you make
that system bigger and bring millions more people under the same umbrella, the death
toll will accelerate.

The key journal paper on medical destruction is: Dr. Barbara Starfield, Journal
of the American Medical Association, July 26, 2000, “Is US Health Really the Best
in the World?”

I laid out the statistics yesterday.  Every year in the US, the medical system kills
225,000 people.  106,000 die as a result of FDA-approved medical drugs.  The other
119,000 die as a result of mistreatment in hospitals.

I use the Starfield report because it is right down the middle of mainstream medicine.
 Before her death, Starfield was a widely respected public health expert.  For many
years, she worked at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.  The Journal of
the American Medical Association is as mainstream and prestigious as you can get.

I’m fully aware that independent researchers have pegged the death toll from the
 US medical system at a much higher number.  But I wanted to show that, even in
“The Club,” the statistics are known to be horrendous.

Think about it.  The US medical system kills 225,000 Americans per year.  That adds
up to well over 2 MILLION deaths per decade.

Not long before her death, I interviewed Dr. Starfield.  I asked her whether anyone
from the federal government had ever asked her to consult, to help fix the medical
system.  Her answer was a stark No.

I asked her whether she was aware of any significant government program directed
 at fixing the system.  Again, she answered No.

Try this imaginary fictional analogy.  You work for the government in auto safety.
 You know two things.  Every tenth car in America contains a fatal flaw that will
cause a crash at speeds in excess of 40mph.  And, as a result of new legislation,
millions more Americans will be on the road driving cars.  What would you do?

US politics lives and thrives on PR, and PR makes its money from empty generalizations
and promises.  In the medical arena, it’s all about “better care for all,” “humane
concern for everyone,” “breakthroughs coming soon,” “money for more research,” etc.

This has nothing to do with the actual effects of the system.  It has nothing to
 do with reality.

Well, here is the reality.  By the most conservative estimate, the US medical system
kills 2,250,000 people per decade.

That’s the system that’s heading for massive expansion under Obamacare.

You have a choice.  You can go with the empty PR, or you can face the facts and
realize what’s going to happen.

“Well,” some people have told me, “the politicians in charge don’t really understand
what the medical system is doing to people.  It’s just ignorance.  Their hearts
are in the right place.”

And that matters?  That argument is meant to exonerate the flavor of the week inside
the Beltway.  It has nothing to do with ongoing death stemming from standard medical

The death statistics I’m citing in this article aren’t a state secret.

Doctors chopping off women’s breasts for no reason.  Medical drugs putting people
into the grave.  Vaccines causing neurological damage.  Psychiatric drugs blasting
brains and pushing people over into violence, including suicide and murder…no
problem.  The politicians’ hearts are in the right place.

Walk through a cemetery and try that defense.

Jon Rappoport

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