NSA tests internet kill switch across America


“NSA Surveillance Network #1492″ Appears on Wireless Networks
During California Internet Outage

Saturday night, around 8:30 Pacific Standard Time, Time/Warner Cable was knocked out in 3/4 of the state of California according to Cox Cable in San Diego. Before I called Cox Cable to confirm there was an outage, I checked my Macintosh’s laptop’s wireless network to see who else in the area was affected. To my surprise almost everyone (except for a few possible satellite dish Network routers and a few cell phones) had no signal, but amongst the names of devices was to my shock, “NSA Surveillance Network #1492.”

My first thought was that it was annoying that the NSA were beaming a signal from somewhere treating everyone like they were a criminal and violating our 4th Amendment right to not be searched without a warrant, but then I asked myself where is the NSA broadcasting their signal? Was it coming from a satellite, a van, a broadcast tower, or maybe even a drone?

Next, I had to wonder, “Was this something besides a normal outage or equipment failure or was it a test of the Internet Kill Switch?” Under the Department of Homeland Security’s “Emergency Wireless Protocols,” (Standard Operating Procedure 303 or “SOP 303), the federal agency claims the power to shut down all communications, including the Internet, in the event of a national crisis. Was there a crisis then or was this a dry run of some sort? Not only was California affected, but East Coast Internet outages happened as well from New York to Philadelphia. According to a “report at the Wall Street Journal” the East Coast downtime was due to equipment failure at a hub. However, according to Time/Warner’s outage map outages occurred in almost every major city in the U.S. except the Northwest and most central states.
So even if it is too premature to question if there was some sort of NSA test or Internet Kill Switch test, what was the significance of the network being labeled as “#1492″? Most of us Americans were taught as kids, “In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” Last Monday being Columbus Day probably was not a coincidence in the timing, more than likely it was a planned event.
It is as if the NSA were following some sort of time table for kill switch tests coming one week after last Saturday’s EBT outage which caused panic, threats of rioting, and emptying of shelves at Wal-Mart stores.
I don’t know what is for sure going on, but all I know is, America, things are happening fast and this event seems planned. Do your part to get your personal and spiritual affairs in order and inform people about the creepy undereported widespread outages that have been happening.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m seeing serious faults on the international links passing though the US past few days, I though it was my lousy ISP, but the looking glass of US providers shows the same thing.
    Links to asia and europe which pass through the US (Australia -> US -> asia/europe) are seeing increases in both latency and packet loss.

    Seems like an under-provisioning or someone put a shovel through a major interstate link.

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