New $100 Bill Shows Tidal Wave & Nuclear Devastation?

In this video,TheJonathankleck decrypts the new $100 bill and the new $10 bill. Do these bills show both a New York City nuclear attack AND a tidal wave as claimed by Jonathan? The new $100 bill has just been released to the public and this new bill finishes the story that the $10 bill started with the missile launch and tidal wave. According to Jonathan, the two bills together tell the story of a nuclear event taking place on the East Coast promulgated by the US Government– which Jonathan feels is spiritually inspired by Satan and his fallen angels.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Israel has said several times that if the USA will not attack syria and iran, they will use a suitcase bomb on the USA.
    You can bet that just as Churchill would have gone to his secure bunker in canada if the Germans had come in W W II so our politicians will also get to some place safe

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