MPs rocking in the aisles at the notion of ‘chemtrails’

Hi Tap, The following information may be of interest to some of your readers concerned with geoengineering (chemtrails)

Website… has a video of many engineers involved in the global chemtrailing with David Keith Geoengineer heading a conference where he states…

They do not know what side effects the chemtrails will have as “Nothing serious has been done to research the effects of aluminium, it could be something terrible that has not been looked at” also that “We are free riding on our grand kids” (all his words not mine!) Check video points 7.15 to 10.25

SRMGI… is the website for solar radiation management governance initiative detailing reasons for geoengineering, side effects and all the global participants and stakeholder partners. Bill Gates being a major financial contributor from his personal finances. The Royal Society are just one of the many involved.

There is also in the video a clip from UK house of commons where concern from UK citizens regarding chemtrails have been raised with local politicians. The whole house erupts with laughter from the politicians and it is dismissed as conspiracy theory and a joke although they are fully aware it is real and the reasons for it.

Other Geoengineers involved are..
Ken Caldeira
Alan Robock
Dane Wiggington (Solar Expert)
and many others

The two links provided lead to other links for further information and a more indepth understanding of what they are doing and why even though they admit they have no knowledge of what the side effects may have and that they are researching as they go along

We are basically lab rats in their experiments

From a Comment

Chemtrailing resumes after end of US Government shutdown.

Chemtrailing is back into top gear again after a slight lull due to the US Government shutdown. Money was found to hire private guards to ‘protect’ WW2 war memorials in Washington from WW2 veterans and to ‘close’ the grand canyon but none was forthcoming for the chemtrail spraying. Strange. If ‘global warming’ was really serious then I’m sure they could have found the money to spray the skies during the fake ‘shutdown’.  Obviously chemtrailing has nothing to do with the global warming scam.
The above photo is from South Australia and shows a ‘pentagram’ chemtrail photographed yesterday. Someone is taking the mickey as usual. Laughing in our faces as they spray us.
The rain stopped here for a few minutes this morning  and the sky cleared slightly to show evidence of the spraying.


Anonymous said…
Chemtrails have many functions – all hostile to us. Think of it as warfare. 1. weather modification 2. atmospheric conductivity for HAARP transmissions and microwave weapons 3. inducing disease. 4. causing failure of crops etc. The ptb know about it, facilitate it and block mainstream reporting. How do they escape the health effects? They have high level medical facilities which are unavailable to the majority – even under expensive private health care. Example: sound wave treatment which neutralise pathogens and blood cleansing treatments.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, They are mainly Chemtrailing us through the night, and early morning.
    The fast acting type is used at the moment.
    It is my concern that they don’t wish us to see where the Sun rises and sets, because the times seem wrong.
    The charts say the times should alter one minute per day, it’s sometimes over an hour wrong.
    Is Wormwood on its way ??

  2. Anonymous says:

    What concerned me is that the politicians laughed at us, these are the people which in a democracy would be working for us, but our elected representatives are trying to kill us.
    In the old days a nice war would keep down the population and make money for them, but now….its time we stood them all against the wall..
    we need to do away with political parties and vote for individuals

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anon 2.43, You give them too much credit.
    They have not got a clue.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Tap

    Back in April 2011, I was walking home after a trip into town when I noticed a group of 6 or 7 planes clustered together within a very small area. I guessed immediately what they were about to do, and observed them shortly afterwards spreading chemtrails across the sky.

    I was incensed at what I regarded as a systematic attempt to exterminate me, along with tens of thousands of other local residents. Although I have no particular interest in photography, I purchased a good quality camera, so that I could record these chemtrails.

    The chemtrailing activity lasted for a number of hours each day, sometimes starting before dawn, sometimes beginning later in the day. This continued every day for a week, except for one day, when the weather conditions were cloudy and damp, and probably not conducive
    to effective spraying. The chemtrails then stopped.

    I made an appointment to see my local MP, Roger (now Sir Roger) Gale at his surgery. I showed him my photos, but he dismissed my concerns. He told me that a House of Commons committee had investigated this subject, and had
    concluded that so-called chemtrails are in fact extended contrails. He promised to send me a copy of the committee’s report, but I never received it.

    I have paid close attention to
    aerial activity since that time, as I thought it was quite likely that the planes would return, to repeat the chemtrailing, but this has, so far, not happened.

    It is very easy to differentiate between the different types of contrails – there are short ones and much more extended ones – and the highly toxic chemtrails, so there is no possibility of confusion, for someone who is willing to look seriously at this assault on the human populatiion. MPs will not take this mass poisoning – or any other major issue – seriously, for the simple reason that they themselves make a comfortable living from perpetuating the system which is behind these attacks on the foundations of society.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Tap the politicans have no right to chemtrail us from a great height, i dont know why they didnt just stick to funny hand shakes and sneaking into care homes and nobbing the little boys.

  6. We had a lull in chemtrailing during the US ‘shutdown’ but things have picked up again. Did you see the pentoid shaped chemtrail in South Oz Tap ?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I Wrote to Ed Miliband, he said ” he had noted my comments “.
    I have noted his name for the next election day.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Amon 2.03


    I lived on a perfect east/west trajectory, I noticed from 2009 onwards the sun was not in the right place in the sky for the time of day. At that time chemtrailing was still relatively new, and their efforts very obvious during the day.

    As people started to notice they changed tact and started their operations around 3 a.m. in the morning, only noticeable to those on the road after sunrise but before the trails dissipated.

    Colleagues had also noticed this, and one who was an amateur stargazer reckoned there had been a definite change in the sun’s position, which he blamed on the Hadron Collider which was being talked about at the time, and who’s side effects could be to knock the world off its axis.

  9. Anonymous says:

    A great srticle and some good comments.
    We must stick together on this and other issues and share info.
    We cannot afford to let them divide and conquer us like they have on other issues.
    No infighting now please, thats always their first tactic.

  10. Nixon Scraypes says:

    On the subject of MPs scorning the conspiracy theory of chemtrails,there’s a video at Captain Ranty showing how MPs knew about EU federal intentions from the start and covered it up and that’s ALL OF THEM.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I like captain Ranty and urge everyone to see his blog.
    My best freind at college works
    for DOW chemicals who were responsible
    for the Bhopal tragedy,
    she said there is
    documentation there which says
    DOW have their chemical numbers
    on the drums for chemtrailing.DUPONT also make similar and you would not believe how much of this stuff.
    dad got intouch with an old pal who was doing a bit of whistleblowing, but he said he cant do any more because of threats.

  12. Anonymous says:

    MP’s will not accept links so what
    about sending this whole page
    printed out to everyone in
    government, the Newspapers and
    BBC, Channel 4, and others so that
    we can get this out in the open.
    It seems a Scientist in Nassaue
    has already admitted Chemtrails.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have to say it all true CT…see them tonight busy in the night sky ..5planes all together ..3more ..a little farthest …over East London …ya their busy as it didn’t look normal ..and yes its a busy part of London for Air traffic just didn’t look right

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