Miriam Carey. Emotionless sister shows no grief. Scripted lines.

Other HoaxesZionist Terror— 05 October 2013
Relatives of Miriam Carey Confirm the the DC Car Chase Hoax
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Relatives of Miriam Carey Confirm the DC Car Chase Hoax
Regarding the claim for a fatal shooting of an unarmed mother in her car near Capital Hill, that is Miriam Carey, could it get any more dry than this? Any more unemotional? Any more unbelievable? Any more convincing of a scam and a hoax? Who could believe that these two individuals just lost a sister in a brutal shooting by trigger-happy Capital Hill police.
Oh, it could be no coincidence regarding this hoax that these police are no longer being paid. No coincidence regarding the budgetary shut-down. No coincidence that the Israeli and Obama White House hoax, along with the Clinton cabal hoax, of the fake Nairobi mall shootings had just been thoroughly exposed.
The timing always favors the wretches who are in power. That alone confirms that this is a fraud.
All sorts of posturing plus “She only cares about me” and dry, dry, dry as a bone.
How about some actual emotion? Some dire pain, sadness. Some sensation of loss. What about some real grief and real tears from losing a person so loving that ‘All she cares about is us?’ What about some actual shock? Even some frustration, even rage at the thought of the senseless murder of an unarmed woman towing a tiny child in the car?
No rage at the world for shooting a woman multiple times while she has an 18 month-old in the car? Just this absolutely distant, disconnected, uninvolved affect: just these staged lines?


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