Mass die-off in Pacific. Fukushima?

MASS DEATH IN THE PACIFIC OCEAN: Dolphins, fish and Turtles are the first to suffer from the radiation outflow from Fukushima… Around 300 Lora and Green turtles have washed up dead on Panama’s Western Pacific shores.

According the Aquatic Resources Authority in Chiriqui, it appears that the turtles had serious lung, kidney and general organ failure, a result of intoxication. The dead turtle bodies were found from Puerto Armuelles to Las Lajas to Barqueta to Isla Coiba in the Gulf of Chiriqui. click the LISTEN LIVE button on the right hand side of the web page
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  1. Anonymous says:

    According to the globalists It’s called Ocean Acidification and is caused by man in reality it’s Ocean Pollution caused by radiation from Fukushima.


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