Making money from false terrorism gives their game away

Odin’s Raven said…
See Undeleted Evidence

” Israeli Alex Trajtenberg, insured Westgate Shopping Mall through UK’s Lloyd’s market for about Sh6.6 billion. According to the Business Daily of Kenya (27, Sept. 2013 article “Westgate insurer faces Sh6.6 billion compensation bill”), the insurance deal specifically included a cover against political violence where acts of terrorism fall.

Mr. Trajtenberg declined to comment on the matter. Alas, another smoking gun very reminiscent of Larry Silverstein’s little murderous insurance fraud on 9/11. If you need any confirmation that this was a pre-planned false flag synthetic terror incident, it’s right here.

Keep in mind also, that the Westgate Mall was built by the Westfield Group in 2007. Now what you may not know, is that the Westfield Group was owned by Frank Lowy, who alongside Larry Silverstein made billions from the 9/11 synthetic terrorist attacks.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The pair of them should be on the end of a rope.
    Thought that’s what you cowboy types in America did best.

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  3. NPP says:

    According to this YouTube video Published on 23 Sep 2013

    The names of the so-called “American terrorists” released by CNN, claiming involvement in the Nairobi Kenya mall attack, are clearly fake. They are easily proven to be false identities. The proof is here. CNN reporters also know that they are fake identities, as they claim to have “analyzed” the names. That makes them willing participants in this treasonous deception, if I am not mistaken.

    “American Terrorists” in Kenya Mall Attack are FAKE Names, Fake Identities

  4. Odin's Raven says:

    See also:

    This site is very sympathetic to Islam, but it has a number of recent articles analysing the videos and exposing the Zionist involvement in the Kenyan mall event.

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