Loch Ness monster spotted by a friend of mine


I know Celia and Pete fairly well. We shared the same gym in Manila, and were in the same quiz team, inter alia, and I attended one of the meetings they hold as part of their work there. Celia helped me once or twice with sorting out a couple of problems I was up against, so I have to say that, for me, she is a highly credible witness.

 She lives next to Loch Ness when in the UK, and now she seems to be quite stunned at what she saw in the Loch. If someone’s pulling a stunt, they’ve done a good job of convincing Celia that what she saw was the real thing.

With Ned sending in all the evidence of scientists encountering mermaids in the deep ocean, this seemed like a good follow-up post.

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  1. NPP says:

    Lovely. It is so much better to share, express and contemplate than too ridicule and belittle. It takes courage to speak up because of the potential negative feedback. Thank you Celia.

    It brings to mind the woman from AMMACH who takes time with alien experiencers… hang on, let me find her:
    Joanne Summercales with ex-military man Dave Munro in Scotland as it happens.

    It is too easy to lampoon and dismiss. I’m still thinking about the Mermaid footage. If only a credible party would properly address the witnesses and purported evidence. This is why the likes of David ‘BBC untouchable God’ Attenborough leave me thinking he’s a tedious bore and witting or unwitting gatekeeper.

    Love it Tap! The internet scores another goal. You’ll have Arsene getting his cheque book out next!

    Back to the morning… Robert Peston is commenting on Italy’s credit rating on the BBC. Zzzz. And he’s a Gooner! How irritating. They are also debating the Daily Mail vs. Ed Silliband’s Marxist Dad. And they are so earnestly serious about it!

    Hooray for mermaids and monsters!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Off-topic, but someone might get a laugh out of this.

    You know you want one and to give ever-more of your privacy away: Iphone 5 NSa:


  3. unicorn spotter says:

    There were a lot of wackjobs / spooky folks living in Findhorn back in the day ( Findhorn Foundation ) so I’d be wary she wasn’t on a ‘program’ of enlightenment or something.
    Maybe she’s not at the Foundation and maybe it’s no longer up there. But I’d be wary.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Are Findhorn Foundation people known for their tendency to see Loch Ness monsters? Not that I’ve heard. I don’t know if Celia is connected to it or not.

  5. unicorn spotter says:

    I used to live near there in the 80’s and they did have some strange ideas. Lots of affluent ‘well dressed’ Americans used to visit the Foundation. They claimed to have built an oasis out of a sand bowl which was news to the local farmers who had farmed there successfully for centuries.
    But I won’t cast aspersions on anyone. If she says she saw the Loch Ness monster in the North Sea / River Findhorn estuary then who am I to dispute this ? I wasn’t there.

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