Letter to MP on chemtrails. Will Graham Allen acknowledge they exist this time?

Hi Tap,
I have sent another E-mail to my MP what do you think?. details of  location I have deleted.
Dear Graham Allen,
We met in  a few months ago and I informed you about chemtrails blighting the natural sunlight and showed you photographic evidence. You then wrote to the Ministry of Transport and then the Ministry of Defence. They replied to me in good time. But Graham I am afraid I believe that they are either poorly informed on the subject or just plain lying to me. I have been looking into chemtrails with a keen eye and have found there has been an anti-chemtrail march in London and also a world anti-chemtrails protest march! I am very much against geo engineering or as scientists call it now “global dimming”.
I will not accept that these trails are contrails as they are long clouds that do not dissipate and block the sun for long periods of time. They also switch on and off, how can this be possible??? Also could we report this pollution act to the police? As a public servant to your constituents could you please investigate the issues that I have mentioned and see if we can get some real answers please.
Follow this link below Graham and maybe even sign the petition to show your support.
Yours faithfuly
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