I don’t know how good I will be able to put this all together in the short time I have (I am only allowing two hours a day for this site at random locations for security reasons, and that’s forum, Mail, the front page, EVERYTHING, BUT . . .

It is confirmed – Larry Silverstien’s co-criminal at the WTC owned that mall. The parking garage was inadequately built and was unsafe. So they staged this little terror psy op, with actors, fake blood, the whole 9 yards to once again back stab Muslims and as a bonus, collect twice what they needed with dual insurance policies to fix their stinking mall, and make a profit doing it. To hell with whoever got hurt or had their car burned or crushed. AND I HAVE PROOF.

Whatreallyhappened has been running this photo which proves the shootings were staged and totally phony. Look at this man’s wounds. See how the fake blood separated out, with the dye staying right on the “wound”? Many people, including EMT’s nurses and others with experience have gone vocal saying that real blood does not do that. Duh, obviously it does not. Not to mention the fact that if those were gunshot wounds this guy would not be walking

This one photo blows the entire scam wide open. It’s all fake folks, and that’s all you need to know, other than the motive. On to that now. Frank Lowy, who happened to be Larry Silverstein’s bed pal at the WTC owned that mall. Interesting it is that the worst “Muslim” terror attack in history happened to Larry and Frankie, with Frankie walking away with a substantial portion of the $4 billion USD from the insurance claim at the WTC. But that was not enough for Frankie, who built his mall poorly and wanted a little rebuild cash. And it looks like he will get it – approximately 80 million USD (converted from Kenyan shillings) compliments of yet another “Islamic” terror attack, compliments of B’nai whatever synagogue.

Take a look at this parking garage. The bricks used to make it look nice, which provide absolutely no structural support were way too much weight for the thin concrete under them. THAT parking garage was hanging by the rebar.

How do you explain this collapse? While doing their phony drill or whatever, a team of demolition people put a little C-4 on the support columns and let it rip. Good enough for a rebuild. Certainly even if the place was a piece of garbage a few hand grenades would not have brought it down, this is intentional pre-meditated destruction all the way and given the fake blood? well, it does not take much to see what is going on here.

And if you want more proof, just type kenya mall fake into google and look at all the nicely staged photos with soldiers playing around in the background standing up and joking while others were on the ground putting on a show for the photographer. It’s all paper thin B.S., obviously expert liars did not handle this one.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    filthy damn jews again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    YEP this is the same piece of SHIT/SATAN that was involved in the world trade center ins. scam on 911!!!
    there is NO bigger EVIL in this world then the ZIONIST JEW!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Roll up! Roll up! Its Frankie ‘n’ Larry’s Mobile False Flag Extravaganza

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