It is time for the assimilated Jews of America and the rest of the world to jump off this freight train to Hell.

I have said before that Israel did 911 and killed President Kennedy. The Jews of Wall Street and London are stealing money from the Gentiles by the tens of trillions. We are headed to the worst financial collapse in 500 years according to Professor Steve Keen because the world has the greatest Bubble in history. In the Great Depression between 3 and 4 million Americans died of starvation. In the next Depression more than 10 million Americans will die from starvation. More than half a billion worldwide.
I have warned American Jews that their leaders are psychopaths. They want you to stand between 100 million starving Americans and billions of people overseas and the food they desperately need for themselves and their children.
They want you to stand in front of a Food Riot in your city and say, “Rioting for food is anti-Semitic.”
They want you to counter demonstrate in front of the protesters marching on Wall Street after the banks and the dollar collapse cutting their wages in half. They want you to denounce opposition to another round of Bailouts and banker bonuses as anti-Semitism.
In short the psychopathic Jewish leadership wants the Jew dead along with everyone else. They have many scientific papers from major universities and Foundations describing how a series of plagues can and will kill billions of common folk. But why stop there? Why not kill 7 billion?
The Jewish leadership is pushing for a war against Syria and Iran. I have explained many times that Iran, Syria and Hezbollah have 150,000 missiles that can strike Israel if there is a war. And some Israeli sources put that figure at a higher number. That is why the former heads of the IDF and the Mossad oppose war and call it Stupid.
If you are Jewish, ask yourself these questions:
Do you have access to the Universal Vaccine that will protect you from the coming plagues? Has anyone in the Jewish hierarchy even told you about the procedures to get it?
Do you have a guaranteed access to one of those secure underground cities the Banker Occupied Government in Washington has created using trillions of dollars in taxpayer money?
How much money do you get every year as your share in the Spoils of War the Jewish Hierarchy makes gouging the American public?
What do you think will happen to you after the dollar collapses cutting wages in half and riots destroy every city in America? Where will you and your family go for the next 20 years while 7 billion Gentiles are  dying?
It is time for the assimilated Jews of America and the rest of the world to jump off this freight train to Hell.
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3 Responses to “It is time for the assimilated Jews of America and the rest of the world to jump off this freight train to Hell.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I worked in the accounting department of a local authority in England.

    The authority “lost” 8 million pounds, un-accounted for to this day.

    Netwoking with staff members fron other authorities we knew that its not uncommon for large ammounts of money to just vanish into thin air-no awkward questions, any investigations being carried out in house (convenient)

    This is seperate from the moneys invested in overseas banks that also went down the swanney a few years ago.

    We were well aware of a network of criminality within senior staff that had infiltrated the councils, they certainly were not working for the ratepayers. It began with hush hush training/leadership courses then the employment of staff who were totally unsuitable for their posts. In my opinion much of it was political.

    We all came to the consencus that the money was going somewhere and that it was organised from the top, not pilfered away by middle management. The massive ammount of wealth pouring in to our council coffers was more than enough to keep it running smoothly, and especially those with high density populations should be in the black.. And yet they are always in a defecit and trying to further cut costs. Where is the money going?


    Given that most Council CEO’s are highly overpaid, and more often than not of dual national status, you dont have to be Einstein to work out the sting do you?

    Its either the EU or Israel, or an organised crime syndicate which lets face it is whats running the world.

  2. Anonymous says:

    all this was predicted in the book learned elders of zion
    we shuld have listened to hitler and we would not be in this mess now

  3. Ben says:

    While I do not fit neatly into all of your outlined categories, they touched on enough relevant things for me to feel the following comment has some merit:
    Dear lunatic,
    Like everyone else on the face of this planet, I have no plans to act on any of your suggestions, consider any of your forecasts as bellwethers of anything that will ever happen, or use your site as anything other than genuinely effectively absurdist comedy.
    Keep up the work (can’t use the word “good” in there because anything fun in your posts clearly reached that point unintentionally).

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