Internet freedoms to evaporate under TPP – Trans Pacific Partnership

Under TPP internet freedoms will evaporate, the other consequences of the TPP are far greater than that, governments will become accountable to the financial agenda of those 600 + TPP corporations, under TPP those corporations will gain more power over government than the entire electorate ever had.
For example we can forget about GMO identifying labels on food products, Monsanto is one of those 600 + corporations holding secret talks.
At the moment Obama is trying to fast track the TPP through congress, there is not a lot of public awareness about that either, but to give you an idea even NAFTA was fast tracked.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    So they are at it again again again
    intending to get there soon!

    Ive heard that that the WWW will be available soon only via DVD annually updated from your local authority?


    Aaron Swartz: How We Stopped SOPA … Aaron Swartz, 26, was found dead Jan 11, 2013 in New York!

    Joe Friendly


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