Industrial Hemp Cultivation Begins in Colorado – Free at Last!

In a major victory for US farmers, activists, and those who advocate the many uses of industrial hemp, the first commercial crop of hemp to be cultivated in the United States in almost 6 decades was recently harvested in Colorado. Although different from the psychoactive plantcannabis, due to federal marihuana prohibition during the early 1900s, the nation’s last commercial crop of hemp was planted in 1957 in Wisconsin, after over half a million acres were grown during WWII to assist the nation’s war effort. 

In November of 2012, Colorado passed Amendment 64 which revised the state’s drug-policy laws for cannabis, declaring that industrial hemp be regulated separately from cannabis. In June of 2014, the governor of Colorado signed legislation prescribing a limit to the amount of THC content in hemp, and establishing a committee within the State Department of Agriculture tasked with developing regulations for commercial hemp farming by 2014.
However, in anticipation of regulation and to test out the murky waters of State versus Federal drug law, some activists planted hempseed this year, and hemp activists and farmers recently met in Springfield, Colorado to celebrate this year’s cultivation of 60 acres of the fibrous weed:
Hemp should be traded on the market exchanges along side corn, wheat and other commodities, as it offers an abundant, easily produced resource to a wide variety of industries. Hemp is used in quality textiles, in the production of bio-fuels, in insulation and building materials,rope, in cosmeticssoaps, and shampoos. Nutritionally, it is one of the most valuable plants for the human body and products include hemp oilhempseedhemp milkhemp protein, supplements and more. As a replacement for wood pulp, hemp fiber holds untapped potential as a resource to replace the over-harvesting of trees, and it is being used as a renewable bio-fuel.

Long considered a useful and necessary part of the American economy, it has been observed by many that the outlawing of hemp in the US was the result of political intervention by insiders, bankers, an barons of the media, timber and the chemical industries who desired no market competition from this common-sense crop:

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  1. BRIT says:

    Hemp is grown in the UK. Loog on to “THE HEMP SHOP”. The hemp oil, though, is from the crushed seeds, not the THC distilled from the plant.

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