I’m The Pope, and other news you should be Wellaware of

Hi this is “Betsy McGee” from the post on your awesome blog J
I’m doing my own little video about Mr. Chiarini…  I think it will be pretty funny, and I didn’t have to do much!  I’m just putting together a bunch of his “work” and spending a few seconds proving the ridiculousness of the real doozies…  (like JFK is Jimmy Carter and Walt Disney was Hitler J)…
I was wondering, and I know you’re busy playing the pope and all, but since you’ve been added to the long list of innocent people falsely accused by this clown, is there anything you’d like to contribute?  Maybe something sarcastic, or…  I don’t know – we can be creative!
Just off the top of my head, maybe a few second video of you, sitting at your computer “discovering” that you’re the pope?  Then you look toward the window and I can add in that sound of angels singing and bright light engulfing you?  I can even work with two pictures of you from behind… one looking at the computer and one out the window? 
At the end of the vid, I’m “outing” myself, and my dog, before Mr. Chiarini gets to us… 
 After all, I’m Hillary Clinton, and my dog is Henry Kissinger…
Either way, if you like I’ll send a link when it’s done J
Nice to sort of meet you, sir!
“Betsy McGee”

TAP –  Betsy’s video will be ready later today or tomorrow.  so watch out for it!  Maybe I’ll be featured as the Pope for the second time in a week.

One has arrived.

Here’s the first video which started off the theory that Tap is the Pope….  Ed Chiarini says he can’t find any pictures of me on the net.  Then lifts the one from the right column above (taken in McDonalds while serving coffee to a friend), and says I’m the Pope.  Now I’m totally convinced Wellaware is genuine.  Proof at last!  Thanks for sending the links, Betsy.  We await your video.

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2 Responses to “I’m The Pope, and other news you should be Wellaware of”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Strange how the falling man takes that position.
    Is there a message, either he is very brave or it was airbrushed in.
    Much like the planes that never were.

  2. Michael M says:

    Having just watched the video “When Popes Attack,” I am mystified as to why the author has used an image of Jonathan Pryce, a well known Welsh actor, to ‘represent’ the current pope.
    Most peculiar…. or have I missed something?!

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