If not world war 3, do the elites have a viable Plan B to maintain their global dominance?

ARMAGEDDON, WORLD WAR THREE and PEOPLE POWER: It almost happened the way the Royal-Political Elite have engineered wars for centuries – but it didn’t. World War Three based on bogus supplies of FLUORIDE to CIA-funded and trained factions inside SYRIA and the fake news propaganda pumped out on mainstream news feeds just WAS NOT BELIEVED by the educated, self-motivated Truth Movement which has grown from the days of John Lennon and Monsignor Bruce Kent’s CND walking in the streets to a giant global, multi-language cyber-culture.

This latest attempt to kick-off a world war with Syria being the pawn used to rat-bait Russia and China into a disastrous and ecologically implosive ‘Final Countdown’ to planetary incineration just has not happened. All of a sudden, the War Mongers in Washington have had their government finances blocked by Congress. I recently exposed in radio broadcasts and right here on this page the names and exact amounts of personal investments which members of Congress and John Kerry have in war machine manufacturing corporations. Back-room rumours have fed back and it now seems that the families and especially the children of some of the Congress members I exposed have had breakfast table revolts in their own homes. Even the children of the silver-spoon Criminals at the heart of Congress have joined our Facebook PEOPLE POWER movement and are forcing their parents to eat Humble Pie.

Armageddon has, for now, been quashed. The Buckingham Palace gung-ho propaganda showing Prince Harry in his helicopter gunship and even the minute-by-minute mutterings of AUSTERITY LAWS have for the most part evaporated.

The German people have been unfairly tortured with yet another disastrous term of office for Merkel – I suppose that is the Royal-Establishment’s way of sticking it up the German people for refusing to support the bombing of Syria.

Tony Blair’s whistle-stop tour of luxury yachts attempting to drum up war-support with American billionaires in St Tropez did not work – in fact, his antics were exposed. Rumours say he was even told by bosses involved in the digital entertainment industry that ‘People are just tired of war mongering, Tony. There is a new era, and it’s based on letting people have what they want on the internet and trying to get along with some kind of global peace…”. Blair was sent back home to report to Buckingham Palace representatives that even the GOP Billionaires in the Cote d’Azur did not fully support this desperate attempt to hang onto power by staging yet another World War.

In a newsflash-instant-blink-of-an-eye, the White House has been embarrassed publicly for claiming it had billions in the bank to mobilise vast troop, drone, sub and naval resources – but now has instructed government employees to return their iPhones and laptops and wait for further announcements whilst Obama begs Congress to open up the treasure house and give him more fake dollars to keep this rag-tag shebang of a broken-down old show on the road.

In the coming weeks we shall see further sabre-rattling from Skull & Bones members – Kerry is trying his best to ‘live down’ the THREE attempts he has made just this year in sending our youngest and brightest kids into a hopeless and pointless world war.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is the real victory – that nasty Brotherhoods like Skull & Bones and fraternities who make profit from war have been properly and accurately exposed – right here – with hardly a peep of dissent and only a handful of stupid, biased and brain washed cointel ops and agents pathetically trying to shout-down our PEOPLE POWER movement.

While Obama twiddles his thumbs in the gym tonight, awaiting instructions from Buckingham Palace, we all hope that we enter a whole new paradigm and put the PEOPLE first in every decision, making this a better and fairer world. We could, of course, start with the bankster billionaires who claimed fake insolvency. In reality, they have numerical and digital ‘assets’ on their computer screens based on only what Buckingham Palace allows them to have. Tonight, there are many Brotherhood and Sisterhood Elite families sitting around wondering just what they will do to put a stop to the cyber-democracy which has saved the entire planet from a fate worse than death: WORLD WAR.

Christopher Everard

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    I do wish we still had the SPITTING IMAGE tv series.

    we could have been so entertained


    carry on or a spoof comedy please.

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