How natural cancer cures are suppressed

Sell apricot kernels and get thrown into jail.

The crime committed?

Why, curing and preventing cancer.

Doctors are blinded.  The knowledge on how to cure cancer is out there.  Go and look for it.

He refers to the bible and how we are fighting against a spiritual force ranged against us.


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  1. dp says:

    Most importantly lifestyle change has the biggest impact. Knowing what to avoid is the key:
    ready made foods
    chemicals of all sorts
    conventional therapies….

    other methods that help to resolve cancers include:
    water only fasting
    colloidal silver
    ozone therapy
    vitamin C
    organic turmeric (non irradiated)
    selenium (selenomethionine)
    vaccine avoidance
    mercury avoidance (mercury fillings)

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