How Americans were made to believe in the Moslem boogieman

“How Do We Brainwash Americans? It’s Easy, When We Control the Media”

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Word Association Seminar Hosted by Dr. Steinberg

Excerpts from the Zurich Organization of Goodwill, or ZOG, ran by Dr. Shlomo Steinberg, who earned his doctorate from Tel Aviv University in agitprop.

“… the focus group was comprised of a cross slice of Americans, from New Jersey construction workers, to Arizona soccer moms, to Florida insurance executives, to Oregon IT personnel, to Iowa farmers.

We carefully selected a variety of words and phrases to expose the group to and gauged their reactions.”

ZOG Seminar on Mind Control held at the Sheeple Institute.

The first word or phrase is what we presented to the focus group and their compiled and condensed replies follow:

9/11—“Dirty, filthy Muslims throat slitters attacking the noble and good American way of life.”

Bin Laden–“The terrorist mastermind behind 9/11 who attacked the USA because he hates our freedoms.”

Suicide bombers—“Dirty, filthy Muslim throat slitters attacking the noble and good Israeli way of life.”

al Qaeda–“That Muslim terrorist organization that worships death and hates the USA and our only friend in the Middle East, Israel.”

Israel–“The only democracy in the Middle East and our only friend, a great and courageous country, filled with kind and generous peace loving Jews.

Ben Gurion–“Wasn’t he the father of Israel, just like George Washington is the father of our country?”

Nairobi Mall attacks—“Dirty, filthy Muslim throat slitters attacking poor and defenseless Kenya.”

FOX News–“The only fair and balanced news outlet that’s worth watching. I like it that FOX only reports the news, letting me decide.”

Global War on Terror–“A righteous crusade against those dirty, filthy Muslim throat slitters that attacked America on 9/11.”

Jews–“A great and honorable race of people, just like us Americans, who love peace and and are very kind and generous.”

Reverend John Hagee–“A true man of God who sees that we are under attack by those dirty, filthy Muslim throat slitters.”

Holocaust–“Oh my God! The most tragic event in the history of the world, when six million, or was it more, Jews were deliberately murdered by those sadisitic Nazis for no reason at all. Just the mention of that word brings tears to my eyes.” “Excuse me, but I seem to be crying, do you have a handkerchief I can borrow?”

Judaism–“The world’s oldest religion that gave us Christians our savior, Jesus Christ and one we should support, as their religion and ours is so alike.”

Iraq War–“A noble and righteous cause, to save America from future 9/11 attacks by those dirty, filthy Muslim throat slitters.”

Israeli PM Netanyahu–“A great leader and brave Israeli who has helped protect America from any attacks from those “evildoers.”

Iran–“A nation of dirty, filthy Arab throat slitters that have sworn to destroy Israel by wiping our good friend Israel off the map. We Americans can’t stand by and allow another holocaust to happen against our Israeli buddies.”

Islam–“A false religion and one that celebrates death and glorifies violence.”

Military Commissions Act–“Huh” “What?” (Note: We can even get our stooges in the US Congress to pass an act legalizing torture and stripping the Bill of Rights of Habeas Corpus and the typical American has no idea of what we accomplished–Dr. Steinberg)

As you can see, ladies and gentleman, ZOG has conclusively shown that our media saturation and domination of the American media market is complete, making them fearful of the Muslim boogieman we created.

Even though Iraq had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks, we managed to make Americans think they did, thereby getting the USA to destroy a country that was no threat to them, but which Israel had deemed to be an ‘existential’ threat.

We have skillfully used metaphors to confuse and excite gullible American minds into thinking they are actually under attack by an enemy we created.

They are so muddled about and ignorant of world affairs, they don’t even know that Iranians are Persian, not Arabs.

Americans are so terrified of anything Muslim/Arab, that they will gladly agree to fight an endless number of wars for Israel.

The war the CIA, MOSSAD and MI6 are creating against Syria will give the cover needed to complete the looting of Wall Street and allow the blame for the coming collapse of the American economy to be placed on the Muslim boogieman.

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