Hospitals ordered to start culling their staff

UK Government Threatens To Stop Funding Hospitals That Refuse To Force Vaccinate Staff

The UK government has set aside five hundred million pounds for the next two years to help struggling A&E departments in UK hospitals to deal with the added pressure during the winter months. The financial boost comes with one condition, if the staff partake in yearly flu jabs. Is this really fair? For hospital staff choosing to opt out of the flu vaccine, should the whole hospital, staff and its patients be punished? How could the UK government refuse this financial benefit if they already have the money available to help out? Potentially risking the health of more people. Regardless of whether you think vaccinations and beneficial or not, this decision seems to be very controversial, and possibly unethical.
To be exact, hospitals will need to convince seventy five percent of their staff to vaccinate during the 2014/2015 season. The Milton Keynes Hospital in the UK has just over forty percent of the over two thousand staff involved with direct patient care that were given the flu shot last season. Across the entire country, only forty five percent of front-line staff were vaccinated. Clearly, those who oppose the shot, including medical workers, are in the majority, and for good reason. What’s worse is that these vaccinations could possibly be GMO based vaccines, given the fact that the FDA recently approved the very first ones expected on the market in 2014.
A lot of information has surfaced over the past few years that has led people all over the world to refuse vaccinations. There is so much that it can be hard deciding where to begin. Not long ago, doctors from the University of British Colombia revealed that Government experts have known about the dangers associated with vaccinations for over 30 years (0)(4). These documents are elaborated on here.  There have also been hundreds of studies conducted that look into vaccine ingredients and their potential harmful effects on the human body. As far as the benefits of vaccines, they are usually pushed by corporate media who is even harder to trust.
TAP – It would be easy for hospitals to falsify the documentation and get around this.  Take the syringe.  Squirt the poison down the sink.  Fill in the form.  All done.  £500 million.  BINGO!
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  1. Road_Hog says:

    Aren’t the elites great. They use our money (taxpayer’s) to bribe us to use their products, that we don’t want.

    I don’t know whether you saw this article over the weekend.

  2. Anonymous says:

    TAP you know as well as anyone the Hospitals will never just flush the stuff & pretend they poisoned their staff, simply because there’s bound to be someone who will be willing to drop them in the brown stuff for a financial reward.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Todays news was that there are 600.000 imigrants here claiming benefits,
    The true number is said to be double that.
    The strain on the NHS among other bodies has been such that the Liverpool health pathway scheme is just one to kill off patients that would block up beds.
    The fact that those killed were all english anglo saxon says its here now, the great jew killoff predicted for some years

  4. Anonymous says:

    My Father-in-Law was a victim of the Liverpool Care Pathway, at the time I really couldn’t do anything about it as his next of kin had agreed to it & he died after 3 weeks of this “care” with me & my wife holding his hands.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Little pricks ..are everywhere….

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