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Arch Crawford Interview – Expert Financial Analyst – that has been the top in the U.S. previously using Planetary Alignments. Predicting a Solar Kill Shot – November due to Alignments

I interviewed Arch Crawford and expert Financial Analyst about his predictions for November 2013.  Arch has been a top financial analyst since the 1960s.  He uses astrology to predict what will happen in the markets and due to that he has been named a top analyst for a few different years in the markets. 

He is predicting major events for November and due to the planetary alignments he is predicting a solar flare kill shot possibly happening on the 13th of November

When you listen to the interview you will understand Arch is not predicting the solar flare happening off the top of his head.  He is an expert at what he does. 

He predicted 9/11 within a couple of days, all the past stock market crashes, wars, etc. since the 1960s. 

He says November will set records in many different ways, it is going to be an intense month, as not seen before. 

Is is a coincidence the U.S. government is doing a grid test on the 13th?

The sun has become very active all of a sudden too with 3 different X flares and multiple M class flares the last few days.

Must listen to interview to understand why he is predicting a solar kill shot.  This is not a ‘fear’ based interview.  Arch is getting the information out about what he sees happening with the planets and how it can affect us and getting the information out.

It is common sense to have some supplies on hand for any ‘what if’ events that could happen including a solar flare that could take out the grid.

Arch’s website is:

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