Garry McKinnon speaks of finding ‘non-terrestrial officers’ listed in US military databases

Interviewer Kerry Cassidy from Camelot.  This never made the news.  20-30 ETs working for NASA, involved in a secret space programme, listed on an Excel spreadsheet.   He also saw pictures of UFOs, not of earthly construction.  He saw a list of ship to ship personnel transfers, but he didn’t recognise any of the names of the ships as US Navy ships.

He says that it was easy to get in as there weren’t any passwords.  He was active in 2001 and arrested in 2002.

Full interview –

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Because we cannot trust the newspapers.
    We will have to do our own research on Gary.
    Do any of our readers know Gary, has he any photographs in different clothes ?
    Has Gary any Family, which School did he go to ?
    What has he done for a job ?
    Anybody interviewed by Project Camelot should set alarm bells ringing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I concur.


  3. Tapestry says:

    Interesting that his extradition was stopped by Theresa May, and apparently, it is now not as easy to extradite to US from Britain as it was made by Blair – if you believe the media output. It’s just the totalitarian tiptoe, of course.

  4. NPP says:

    I’ve followed this Gary case. Watched this Camelot interview and others when they first came out. This guy seems sincere and gone through a pile of crap. Without watching now and reminding myself, he used a dial up pc, liked beer and spliff, pissed his girlfriend off because he was obsessed with being at that slow dial-up screen and just followed a curiosity about finding free energy. Hardly Mr. Nasty. He even left messages doing the US a favour. Hardly covert terrorism, yet he was threatened with life imprisonment. His Mum fought like hell to keep him at home. He’s obviously bright – why aren’t we aiding and supporting his abilities?!

    We must always maintain perspective and this chap should be free to be. If he’s downright lying or just dumb stupid or has a vivid imagination, the UK-US authoities have been making a hell of a stink over nothing.

    Kerry Cassidy never seemed to be as ‘cool’ as Bill Ryan, but she has put the time in, shows courage and given me hours of entertainment and even valuable information and ideas via this thing called the internet.

    e.g. here’s a endless PDH file transcript of an EU politician who says he meets with ETs…
    But hey, why bother with crazy Kerry when you can go read Bob Geldolf’s latest mainstream presstitute rant fear mongering with all the other climate change promoters who ask the likes of me to declare I care for the planet. Who knows, maybe Kerry’s just a bit more sassy than many give her credit for. Maybe Gary did see what he says he saw. Maybe they set him up to think he saw what he thought he saw. Rabbit holes eh!

    Kerry – are you nuts? Well, I appreciate your efforts. Thank you.

    On the subject, this might be a little gem, haven’t watched yet:
    The UFO Experience (1982)

    For any IPCC global warming Green twerp: Gary M actually tried looking where you could could be looking too. He did and probably does care. You human-made climate change IPCC carbon cultists should take a leaf from Gary’s book. For a start: Chemtrails and the other subjects Tap has noted.

  5. Anonymous says:

    OK TAP first be supicious of Camelot
    second the reason he was not prosecuted was that if he was, thena host of other people said they would also whistleblow.
    The US authorities shit themselves as the US bases in britian leak like a seive, so Theresa May was told to back off

  6. Anonymous says:

    Much respect to

    Garry McKinnon

    Anyone on the dial up wwweb virtually on morse code,

    (so his phone line must have been blocked to his girl friend for days!!!)

    gets my vote awesome.


  7. Anonymous says:

    NPP did you find the Death Masks on Vatic blog that was suggested to you ??

  8. Anonymous says:

    Is there anybody out there who knows Gary.
    Did anybody go to School with Gary.
    Has anybody worked with the man.
    Where was he born so we can trace his steps.
    Information, evidence or signs of existence would be helpful.

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