Fukushima being hit with two consecutive massive typhoons

Fukushima plant area had collapse and subsidence due to the last Typhoon / No press release

Posted by Mochizuki on October 21st, 2013

Related to this article.. All β density of groundwater jumped up by 6557 times after the Typhoon / 400,000,000 Bq/m3 highest ever[URL]
Two Fukushima workers commented on Twitter that the previous Typhoon “WIPHA” caused a slope in Fukushima plant area to collapse.
The slope faces the main street, and the earth and sand blockaded the street. Also, there was a part to have had a subsidence.
Those workers are surprised because there was no press release from Tepco about this.
The worker added there are more slopes in the area and they may collapse due to the next Typhoon that may hit eastern Japan this weekend.
(cf, Next typhoon to hit eastern Japan this weekend / “Very strong” again [URL 2])

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10/19/2013 — Large Microwave pulse creates Tropical Storm “TWENTY SEVEN”

Currently we have Typhoon Francisco, as a borderline Category 5 storm.. heading northwest towards Japan.
At the same time this is occurring, a large microwave pulse of some kind was detected BEHIND Typhoon Francisco…… then….. after the pulse.. a new tropical system develops directly in the center of the area which was pulsed.
See the whole pulse event here:


At the direct epicenter of the pulse, we see Tropical Storm “TWENTY SEVEN” form. Looks like it will head on the same track as Francisco and Wipha.  Lets hope it dies out.


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