Earthquake off Japan´s coast caused by gravity cancellation device

Want to know how to spot an artificial quake? Look at the depth it occurs at. If you look on the USGS site for the depth of the recent (October 25) earthquake off the coast of Honshu Japan it was at 10 KM. It is important for people to realize that NEVER in the history of earthquakes have we EVER had anything significant as shallow as 10 KM, earthquakes typically happen at 70 KM or more. 

Any quake that happens at or near 10 KM is now suspect for either a nuclear blast or the earthquake machine.

The 3/11 quake happened at 10 km, the Chiapas earthquake happened at 10 KM, and the Haiti earthquake happened at 13 KM, and this quake off the coast of Japan at 10 km is virtually assured to in fact be a military threat. If it spawns a significant tsunami (yet to be seen) it was nuclear, but I doubt it was.
If you read the mails from Japan, the Japanese were wondering why all the recent serious quakes felt weird and happened at 10 KM, when normally quakes in Japan happen at 50 KM or more. The fact that this is happening is more than suspicious, it´s damning, 10 KM is typically the minimum that can be measured and it´s a safe bet that the quakes are even shallower and are in fact tugs on the surface of the earth’s crust by some sort of gravity cancellation device. 
This would explain why the Japanese did not recognize these earth movements as quakes at first, read mails from Japan for perspective on this.
And another side note – it cannot be said that a geography change is now causing so many quakes in Japan to occur at 10 KM, because the country is over a thousand KM across and if anything happened as shallow as 10 KM, all the 10 KM quakes would be localized. They are not, they are happening everywhere even outside of Japan and it is not difficult to figure out why.
Take a look at the following for perspective:

Chiapas earthquake
Mails from Japan, the real perspective

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6 Responses to “Earthquake off Japan´s coast caused by gravity cancellation device”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The fukishima nuclear disaster was said by one high profile whistleblower, who has since committed suicide ?
    to be the USA/Mossad Stuxnet virus aimed at Iran, which then went postal and attacked the japanese safety devices.

  2. Anonymous says:

    saturday morning 11 oclock latest
    hot news
    latest casualty in the hit list on whistleblowers, Chris Powis who refused to buckle to threats from mossad
    had pornographic images spread across his website

  3. Anonymous says:

    I read the above comment and checked immediately as i know chris from the Kent Freedom Movement, he said So far some bozo had got into my Anti-war website and used it to advertise pornography – its really horrible and sounds like Mossad’s style.
    its not just character asassination
    of the type shown recently
    I have to keep checking to avert website attacks. They are certainly turning up the heat. Their style appears to be a repeat of what my Grandfather witnessed in the 1920’s when the Labour Party was infiltrated. They are hitting all of us in allsorts of ways, and they are paying people to give them info.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well mossad did warn they would be hitting in all sorts of ways when least expected, its open season on whistleblowers now, so be warned
    character assassination your homes attacked and your websites ruined
    be on your guard

  5. charles drake says:

    ricardo rothschild branson hiding out on necker island.
    he says i can work better here.
    get more done : )
    where is jacob anybody seen evelyn the rothschilds seem mighty upset and wanna cancer dose us all dead.
    let us sigh deeply when we see attenborough on bbc.
    such humanity around the animals and the cameras.
    such silence about plutonium and depleted uranium.
    testing testing eugenics testing here we come

  6. Anonymous says:

    Somewhere along the line Japan has annoyed the Elite.
    I suspect it’s because they have an Emperor who is different from the Zionists.
    The Japanese people have refused to let outsiders rule them.

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