Disaster hasn’t happened yet

Dear Tap, 

The articles posted over the last few days look increasingly grim for the immediate future in relation to the U.S.A. but which will ultimately affect all of us. 

The articles: “Rothschilds to finance America” “Hoover Dam” “Yellowstone Eruption” ” Govt. Shutdown Indefinite” “Shutdown Theatre” could very well be the collective and orchestrated events designed to usher in total chaos during which many innocents (population reduction) will die and many will be interred in the fema camps designed for the purpose of civil containment and execution and transported there by the military/police using their military style vehicles and equipment. Choice and freedom will disappear. In the event of a total collapse throughout north america and possibly mexico the surviving establishment will emerge from their safe underground bunker cities and demonstrate their willingness to resolve all the issues of chaos in return for the populace accepting the “new” order in it’s entirety.  I wonder? 


TAP – I agree.  It could be awful.  Yet total disaster hasn’t happened yet, and there are thousands of people throughout the hierarchy who are onto the plans of the elites.  They have successfully frustrated them so far.  Let’s hope they continue.  Enough stuff happens very day as it is, if anyone wants to feel depressed.  My advice is stay cheerful.  It hasn’t happened yet, and might not.


Dear Tap, once again anything I copy from a blogsite to forward/resend immediately closes my browsers (3) when I press “paste”. Something very big and very serious is in the works.  Logon to beforeitsnews.com and check out the articles relating to: FEMA/DHS with videos relating to the recent/current movement of military vehicles and evidence of orders placed by DHS for MRE’s, water bags and plastic coffins etc on the move.  Is this a sign or part of the overall takedown of America in the coming days/weeks?  

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  1. Anonymous says:


    This is real.



  2. Beachgal1942 says:

    Who has been drinking the kool aid?Oh please,plastic coffins,body bags during the brief government shut down?

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